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Blind Items Revealed #16 – Anniversary Month

Posted on the 24 November 2017 by Sumithardia

Blind Items Revealed #16 – Anniversary Month

July 5, 2012You would never know it by looking at this used to be all movie actor who now is on a fairly hit television show but he is a sex crazed nympho. The thing is he only likes guys. he is one of those actors who has never actually bothered to come out and say he is gay, but everyone just kind of assumes he is. There have never been any girlfriends, but no one has ever just come out and asked him about his sexuality. On his show he plays a straight guy and the rest of his roles seem to be more asexual than anything else. One of his most proud sexual conquests was taking the virginity of this former A list tweener. He did it at a basketball game. He never stops talking about that story and how he had 15 minutes and made it happen. He never spoke to the tweener again. Our actor loves finding someone new and will strike whenever he can. At this point he considers his trailer boring as he has had so many guys in and out of it over the filming of his show and it has not even been on that long. The thing is our actor is very anal retentive and does not allow anyone he has sex with to come to his house. He doesn’t really like having a boyfriend and prefers just random acts. He is not even that good looking but he can talk guys into anything. One time he took the date away from this A list movie actress he had co-starred with in a very big movie and then spent an hour in the bathroom and then our actor brought him back out and said, I’m through with him. He is all yours again.Kevin Spacey
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