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Blind Items Revealed #15 – Anniversary Month

Posted on the 24 November 2017 by Sumithardia

Blind Items Revealed #15 – Anniversary Month

March 6, 2013When you get asked out by someone who is charming and who has been seen almost your whole life as a star, you feel flattered and say yes. This woman dated this A+ list mostly movie actor for a month. She called it the worst month of her life and is trying to warn the actor’s latest girlfriend about the actor. He started off as charming. Kind and sweet, he would send flowers and call her and send cars for her when they would go out. On the second date she stayed at his place and he locked the door to the bedroom even though they were the only ones home. The lock was with a key. When she asked what would happen if she needed to go somewhere or get some food during the night from the kitchen he replied, that “She would be fine and that she didn’t need to go anywhere.” The next morning he insisted she stay for breakfast even though she had to go to work. He yelled at her and said that he was making her breakfast and she needed to stay until he finished. It took him three hours and she was not able to leave until noon. He insisted that she take several baths or showers everyday but would not take any himself. They went out to eat one night and he introduced her to one of his male friends. When she said more than just hello, he grabbed her arm and pushed her over to the restroom and whispered that he would hurt her if she disrespected him again in front of his friends. That she should shut up and never speak unless asked a question. He then smiled and said they should have a nice night and when they got in the limo home he slapped her before making her service him. He then had the driver stop at her place and told her to get out. A real class guy. Surprised she lasted a month.Mel Gibson
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