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Blender Food Processor Buying Guide

Posted on the 29 June 2016 by Infographixdirectory @infographixdir

Food processors are designed to mix, chop, or shred solid food. Blenders, on the other hand, are capable of creating smoothies. It can be frustrating and costly to invest in two of these machines, but companies were able to design an appliance that performs both functions.

What’s in a Blender Food Processor

There are many blender food processors available out there. If you find the wide range of options overwhelming, you can start with knowing what you exactly want in a blender food processor. Most models have a feed tube, dough hook, potato raps, mill, and multiple blades to help make your life easier.

You also need to determine the food quantity that you plan to make. Any unit that has a container with between seven- and 16-cup capacity can already handle large food quantities. Other factors that you need to consider include the power (more than 500 watts), speed settings, and pre-programmed settings. Some models have nice-to-have features like the whisk and spatula, citrus juicer, and micro-serrated blade.

How to Find the Best Model

Looking for the best blender food processor is fairly easy. The most popular brands include the Cuisinart, Ninja Ultima, and KitchenAid. Once you have determined your blending and processing needs, and have noted down some of the tips above, purchasing your own blender food processor will happen sooner than you think.

The infographic below, courtesy of covers exactly what to look for when buying a blender food processor combo.

blender food processor buying guide

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