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By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
A post about nothing!  (Seinfeld reference, anyone?)
My well of wonderful, hilarious, needs-to-be-shared thoughts got frogs in it that drowned and died, clouded the waters and choked the cows who drank the nasty water, who also died.  In short, I dried up.  I have nothing to write so why don't you read something  I've already done already wrote!  I mean, written!
If you're on a mobile device (I sound so techy!) I don't know how easy and slash or possible this will be.  If you're on a computer, this should be a piece of cake.
I have archives, ya'll.  Scroll down the right hand side and you can click on (look!  There's labels!) the months past and read all that old stuff from long ago.  I'm warning you though, some of it is ridiculous and the pictures are most likely of the worst quality imaginable.
Now that you've read all that, scroll back up to the top and click on "Posts" under the "Subscribe To" button and pick your poison, I mean, preferred method of post receivership.  Or, enter your email address in the "Follow By Email" box and it will be like Christmas in your inbox every time I post something!  Or, go alllllll the way back down to the bottom and click the blue "Join This Site" button so you can follow me on your Google Reader tab if you want to.  (Side note:  Dear Aunt Gina, I see your picture.  It must have worked.)
If you're not sick to death of my babbling yet, take yourself back to the top and click on the tab "Questions."  I've added my special email address so you can send me topics to write about (please?) or questions to things you just don't understand (Rachel, why are you such a hippie?).  I'll be staring at my phone, waiting patiently for the email button to light up until you do.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must go dry my hair.  Gosh, this has been such an awfully long post about absolutely nothing.

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