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Blackberry Aims Comeback

Posted on the 09 April 2016 by Technogala @TechnoGala

BlackBerry is almost a lost name in the smartphone industry but still it has been trying to make some serious strides which it proved through the launch of its first Android phone PRIV in late 2015. The company was one of the leaders in the smartphone industry until the dawn of the Android reign and the company has been making serious moves after that which eventually resulted in the slowing down of the companies smartphone losses. However the high price of PRIV is still proving to be a barrier to BlackBerry’s comeback.

Now with enough troubles on their lap the CEO John Chen now says that BlackBerry will be shifting to the mid-range smartphones this year and that they have planned to come up with two new phones in the mid-range.

Though the core of BlackBerry’s business is just the enterprise, Chen says that the company has been hearing a lot from its partners that the PRIV is just too expensive to deploy en masse. That is why even with volume discounts, the $700 price tag (now $650) it has not been able to see the other end of the tunnel. Now this move to bring in mid-range smartphones comes after considering the speedy movement of mid-range phones and Blackberry is confident of creating a good space in this market.

There was even a small hint from the companies CEO, Chen on the specs of the smartphone which stated that one of the phones will boast a hardware keyboard and the other will be a full touch device and the price would be ranging between $300 to $400. However no other details have been mentioned and we should wait to know full features when they come up for sale.

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