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Black & White Monster Cookies

By Lemon_sugar
Black & White Monster Cookies

So, tonight we all got home really late because our lives are insane right now. I was all set to pull the "rotisserie chicken and vegetables" thing for dinner when my pitifully hayfevered-up seven year old begged me for mashed potatoes and gravy to eat with her chicken. She sounds so itchy and miserable that I couldn't possibly say no to her, so there I was at 730pm whipping up a batch of mashed potatoes, all in the name of motherhood guilt or something.

Yes, I have some serious mom-guilt going on right now. That's definitely been the only downside to my new job so far, and it. has. been. rough.

Anyway, while I was peeling potatoes, Maddie pulled the stool next to me and asked if she could help.

And then she asked if I was going to put those mashed potatoes on my blog. You know, because I've been working a lot lately and now that I have to work in an office I should blog more than just cupcakes and cakes and stuff, because she thinks that lots of people like mashed potatoes, too.

Oh, and corn. I should blog the corn that I made to go with dinner. And I should take a picture of it when she mixes her mashed potatoes and gravy and corn all together, because she thinks a lot of people would love that as much as she does. And then, she proceeded to hold up the potato peeler and pose for a picture. And then: Don't you think people want to see me potato peeling?


As appealing as that sounds though, let's talk about monster cookies instead.

Black & White Monster Cookies

These cookies are super fun to make, and even though they're completely full of fun Halloween candies, they'd be just as awesome with just M&M's or just chocolate chips. I absolutely love the flavor of the cookie, the chocolate side of the cookie is especially amazing.

To make them, you make a large batch of dough, split it in half and stir the cocoa into half of the dough. Then, roll all of the dough into balls, half white, half black. Cut the balls in half, and piece them together with the opposite flavor, then flatten and bake.

You can use any candies you like, too. Try candy bars, peanut butter cups, candy corn - these would be a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy!

Black & White Monster Cookies

Store the baked cookies in an airtight container and they should keep about three days. You can also freeze them and break them out some random lazy day.

Now, I'm off to Google "how to deal with mom guilt." Maybe I'll just put some extra cookies in their lunch boxes tomorrow. :/

Hope you love these as much as we did! Enjoy!

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Black & White Monster Cookies

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