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Black Wedding Dress – Accepted Or Scorned

By Weddingblog2011

The days were that wedding dresses were always white and no other color was even thought about. Nowadays the shift has slanted a little more toward the dark side. The dark side means “Black Wedding Dresses” Yes, read correctly , Black Wedding Dresses. No longer the taboo but socially sheik and accepted, it seems that more brides prefer black wedding dresses than white.

Bride that want to show the world they have fashion taste are now choosing black. They still choosing beautiful dresses but it seems that black is where it’s at. White wedding dresses means purity and did not really become popular until around 1840 when Victoria Regina wearing a white wedding dress got married to Prince Albert. From then on the white wedding dress became very popular and vogue.

Today black wedding dresses stand for the eternity of the love from the brides to the bridegrooms. This is evident in Spain where this tradition lives on today. The trend seems to indicate a growing desire to escape from the norm of wearing what is thought of as normal and accepted, to bold, powerful and statement making.

Also as a side not the black wedding dress may also be considered more economical then a white dress because it may be worn more than once in a lifetime. White wedding dresses are usually only worn at the bride’s wedding and stuffed away in a closet forever. In this case the black wedding dress may be a wiser choice in this tough economy.

Black dresses embellished with lace and pearls are an appealing choice, but you may also consider black piping or embroidery over the classic white dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore black when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997 because she was ‘too embarrassed’ is wear white and be the center of attention. But the actress later admitted she regretted wearing black. However, more recent brides are proud they went black. Karen Hood, 40, wore a black two-piece wedding dress when she got married.

In conclusion it is really a personal choice if your wear black or stay with white.

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