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Black Friday Deals For Travel Bloggers 2018

By Locationyou @locationyou

It's that time of year. The biggest shopping day of the year. Retailers and service providers love the extra sales and consumers enjoy big discounts.

There are lots of deals out there. But you don't have to buy everything. Don't let the scarcity factor blur your judgement. The best deals are not always obvious. I've read quite a few posts this year that were supposedly aimed at travel bloggers looking for deals on 24th November 2018. Unfortunately, they were merely advertisements for headphones and hotels. The first is irrelevant and the second is nothing new. It's easy to spend your money on Black Friday but I've put together a list of the most useful deals for travel bloggers, and for travellers in general. Hope you find something useful in here.

Social Media Sharing and Scheduling

If you're like most travel bloggers, you share quite a bit of content. And not all of this content is your own. Sharing on social media can be a great way of generating interest, building trust, and providing value. The problem is that it's time-consuming. But this labor-intensive task can be simplified by using a social media and blog content platform like Content Studio.

Discover travel related viral posts. Schedule and post on multiple social networks. Automate your social media sharing. Plan and get insights on progress. This is a one-stop-shop for travel bloggers (ar anyone) with multiple social media accounts and a busy posting calendar. The Black Friday deal is a doozie: Lifetime access for $69. Yep, it normally costs $47/month for the same plan.

View Black Friday Deal

Image Design and Creation

Need images, fonts, and designs for your blog, newsletter or social media accounts? Here's an app that will put together great designs in minutes. You won't need Photoshop skills to use this. DesignBold is a drag-and-drop graphic design powerhouse.

This deal comes from the wonderful people at Appsumo. Check out this deal and others available only today (24th November).

View Black Friday Deal

Travel bloggers need to travel to write about their experiences. Sounds obvious. But what's not so obvious is that your internet connection in cafes and public networks is not secure. In fact, most hacks on the average joe happen in Starbucks (or any coffee shop - not to pick on SB). Wifi can be easily compromised. Using a VPN is the best way of preventing hacks. You don't want to be in Peru, Thailand, or New Zealand without your Gmail account or money in your bank account. Yep, hackers can steal your passwords and your money. Don't let them do it.

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs available and as always, the company runs a great deal on Black Friday.

Read more about VPNs for travel or check out the deal below

View Black Friday Deal

Web Hosting

Before you roll your eyes, this is not a promo for Bluehost. I wouldn't do that to you. Nor is it for GoDaddy. I'm not evil.
Are you sick of hearing from web hosting companies? Probably. But sometimes a gem in the rough appears. Ig your website runs is a dog with three legs, your hosting support is clueless, and you spend a fortune paying for something that doesn't deliver, change providers today!
It's a great time to do it. But where to go?

I have two large accounts with Siteground and have been using the company for 3 years. They have never failed me. The support is awesome.
If you're thinking of getting an SSL layer, this is another good opportunity to change. Siteground uses Let's Encrypt FREE SSL technology.

Black Friday Deal 70% OFF Premium Quality Hosting from SiteGround! View Black Friday Deal

Stay For Free

Do you dream of travelling a bit more to blog about your experiences but you find the cost of accommodation is holding you back? Well, there's a solution. Trusted Housesitters is a marketplace that links people willing to mind a house and (sometimes) babysit pets in return for free accommodation. The properties can be amazing and in many cases would costs hundreds of dollars a night to rent.

This is a great way to see the world and stay for free. Check it out!

There's a 25% discount for Black Friday only.

View Black Friday Deal

Learn How To Be A Travel Blogger

Want to become a travel blogger? Or want to improve your skills?
Would you like to improve your all-round digital nomad skills or just find cheap flights like a pro?

Udemy's courses are discounted for another 5 days for Black Friday. Although these courses are regularly discounted throughout the year, this is as cheap as they get. Some very popular options in there. Take a look!

View Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Flight Deals

This post wouldn't be complete without some flight deals. So here you go:

View Black Friday Deal Black Friday Deals For Travel Bloggers 2018 Black Friday Deals For Travel Bloggers 2018Black Friday Deals For Travel Bloggers 2018

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