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Black and Neon

By Astylizedhysteria

Time definitely moves faster as you get older. I remember New Years Eve, thinking “I’ll accomplish so much this year!” And uh, I haven’t quite knocked everything off my to-do list and we’re speeding towards November. I haven’t even taken time to fully appreciate one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. Even if I don’t put on a costume, the simple fact that there are so many horror movies on TV fills my heart with glee. Which may have something to do with my lack of recent posting.

I’ll try to get back to a more regular schedule. I’m sure, of course, you’ve missed me dearly. Today I got dressed for a meeting, but realized I looked more like a teen heading to private school so I threw on some platform boots and red lipstick. The effect is professional, not school-girl hooker, right?





I then added some DIY jewelry to ensure no one mistakes me for an actual adult. Man, that would suck. Now, I’ve tried acrylic paints, paint markers, chalk paint, and nail polish to create neon jewelry and I think the best products I’ve found are the acrylic paint and nail polish. Chalk paint sucked the big one. A little helpful advice, from me to you.

blazer- J. Crew
shirt- Gap, swapped!
skirt- Target dress
boots- Report Signature
tights- express
bracelets- Forever21 and Second Time Around consignment store
lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo


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