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Bjork Released "Biophilia"... New Form of Musical Work?

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Musicaddictguy

Music album, singles, video clips, CD, mp3… There are so many formats where musician can keep their work and released them to public. Thanks to modern day technology, today we have one new alternative to appreciate music.
On October 10th Bjork released her new music project, “Biophilia”. “Biophilia” is a new form of modern music as multidimensional art work, claimed as world’s first “app album”, combination of multimedia artwork in iPad applications. “Biophilia” for iPad will includes 10 separated apps, all housed within one main application. Each smaller app will related to different tracks in music album, contains interactive games and animation, giving audience new experience on how they appreciate music. 
If you have iPad, you can download download “Biophilia” on iTunes, but if you don’t have iPad you can purchase audio CD or download its mp3 instead. 

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