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Birthday Wishlist

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
It is my birthday in December so I figured out I would write a wishlist for my family and Ben. If I am honest there is very little I want and it took some time to actually put this wishlist together.I know I have already had a few items bought for me, those items being a sewing machine and a book by Alfie Deyes who along with Zoe Snugg are my favorite You tubers! 
Birthday Wishlist
Jimmy Choo Eau PerfumeI love to collect perfume and after having a hunt around boots, this looked like a brilliant choice. The bottle the perfume comes in is very pretty and the scent is lovely. I normally ask for cheaper perfumes however I thought this would be lovely for my birthday. 
Girl Online BookAlong with Alfie Deyes, Zoe Snugg is one of my favorite You Tubers. I have been keen to read her book for a while now so this is one of my favorite items on my birthday wishlist.  
Sleep-In Rollers Hair Styling Rollers with Drawstring Bag Pack of 20 PinkI have always wanted some sleep in hair rollers and after reading reviews these looked good. They are currently reduced to a fantastic price so I hope someone picks these up for me. I love having curly hair but since being a Mum I have very little time to curl it every morning. 
Snow Cone Maker I love slush puppies and I thought this little gadget would bring a whole load of fun to my life. Although it is not very suitable for winter, I love to eat slush puppies all year so this item is perfect for me.
Puzzle Mates Portapuzzle Standard Jigsaw AccessoryOccasionally I like to do puzzles however I never have space to do them and if I do find space to do them, they are normally ruined by Maxwell. Ii thought this board would be perfect for me to complete puzzles on and when I get board of doing them the board can simply be put somewhere safe so I can go back to do the Jigsaw later on. 
Denman D91 Dressing Out HairbrushI love back combing and playing around with my hair and I thought this hairbrush would be perfect to do this with. I am surprised at how cheap this brush is as Denman are a good quality brand.

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