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Birthday Schemin'

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
For Raleigh's birthday, I bought us tickets to see one of his favorite bands in Seattle in November. I wasn't going to get the physical tickets for a few weeks, so I decided to be creative in how I presented them to him. The morning of his birthday, he had to go to his calculus class in the morning (I know, right? At least he had an iced chai waiting for him on the way out) so I sprung into action the second he was in class! The day before, I'd written a long, run-on sentence spread out over 27 note cards and put them into numbered envelopes, in which the very last one told him which band we were going to see. I put them around his house, the first one on the front porch and the last one on his bed, where I'd put a plate of his very favorite dessert, s'mores cupcakes,a balloon, and a birthday sign. I couldn't stop giggling as I watched him go around his house in circles, opening all of the envelopes! But he loved his present and we're both super excited to see the show together.
We had a wonderful steak dinner, a great movie date, and a lovely evening watching Arrested Development for hours. I absolutely love birthdays! And now just to start scheming for our two year anniversary coming up...

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