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Birthday and Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

If you are planning the perfect birthday and Valentine's Day celebration, it needs to be memorable. Not only are you celebrating one of the most romantic days of the year, but you are also celebrating your Valentine's birthday. Here are some tips and celebration ideas.

Order flowers

Fresh flowers make excellent birthday and Valentine's Day gifts. This is why they are perfect for a romantic birthday celebration. If you feel like red roses are too often associated strictly with romance, you can always spice it up a little and opt for a mixed bouquet. Pairing roses with lilies, carnations or freesias could be just what you need to make your floral gift extra special. It's also worth considering ordering a larger bouquet so that it will prove extra impressive.

Add to your order

Once you have found the perfect birthday and Valentine's Day flowers, it's time to consider some optional extras. Ideas include luxury chocolates, romantic balloons, cuddly bears and even a bottle of bubbly. You can include several of these extras to make shopping quick, easy and affordable. You can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your home and arrange for delivery the day before or even on the day if you plan on spending the whole day at home.

Planning date night

Now that you have your birthday and Valentine's Day gift taken care of, you need to start planning the rest of your evening. You can decide to spend the evening at home or take your loved one out for the evening. Many people these days choose to enjoy a romantic night in. This means that you will need to choose between cooking and ordering in. You can collect your romantic dinner or have it delivered. Make sure that you order all three courses! You should also get the kettle ready for coffee or tea after dinner. If you order food, you should take the time to replate the food before serving it. You might need to heat it up a little too. If you want to 'distract' your partner while preparing dinner, you can run them a bath and let them relax while you get everything set up.

These are just a few of the simplest yet most effective birthday and Valentine's Day celebration ideas. You can be sure that your partner will feel relaxed and loved. Just make sure that you also give them all of your attention. Turn your phone off or at least switch to silent so that there are no interruptions.

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