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Birds of Prey (2020) Review

Posted on the 08 February 2020 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
Birds of Prey (2020) Review

Harley Quinn has split up for the Joker (for good this time) and must now try and find her own purpose in Gotham City without any protection she quickly finds out a lot of people want to kill her! Eventually joining forces with other female superheroes and battling to save a young girl from Roman Sionis.

*Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn


Break-ups can be very bad right? Of course that is right and who can blame Harley Quinn for going off the rails (even more than normal) now that she is no longer with Mr J, the man she changed her whole entire life for? The story telling within the story is told from Harley herself and we are given a lot of information in a very short amount of time which allows the film to jump backwards and forwards until we are completely caught up with the current events. That really was the perfect way to do it, as it was just like when you are telling someone a story but must then give some background information about different people.

The method of telling the story works so well as it develops Harley Quinn in a different (and much better) manner than in Suicide Squad and what viewers may already know about her. She actually comes across as very likeable, which may just be very crazy to say considering she isn't exactly sane. However, that is an essential part of the film. I could personally relate to her love for the breakfast sandwich and not only a break up but now she is totally hangry as well! Come on it really is ticking all of the boxes.

That isn't even the best thing though, as well as Harley we are given four more truly fantastic female kick-ass characters. Something we have waited for so long within the comic book film world. Better late than never! Considering I had no real interest in this film (yes that was very stupid) as the trailer was not the best, please give it a chance as it is completely bonkers but so much fun with some actual interesting and good messages attached to it!

The plot and different characters are woven together in a very impressive way and thanks to the flashbacks to introduce different characters it helps in the best possible way. Nothing like how DC went about with Justice League or Suicide Squad, but I guess third time lucky!

Roman Sionis is our main villain and as soon as he finds out about the break up and no more Joker to protect Harley he sees this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of her. His trusty sidekick Victor Zsasz will do anything to help with this as well. Although his little bird Dinah Lance or Black Canary has other ideas with his treatment of not only herself but people in general. Cassandra Cain by a total accident ends up as essential to everyone and the young girl already on for a life of crime doesn't fully realise what she has let herself in for.

I won't spoil the twists and turns of the plot as it really is great to see unfold, as the characters get to know each other along with Renee Montoya a cop who does not get the promotions or credit she deserves due to being a woman! Each of the female characters have depth and a backstory that makes you want to root for them to win. Seriously why has it taken until 2020 to have this many amazing females in a comic book film? I totally adored that, more please as these characters aren't exactly new considering they have been in the comics we just haven't seen them make it to the screen yet. Probably doesn't help that some men are intimated by these characters!

Performances were top quality with Margot Robbie leading as Harley Quinn, I may eventually be coming round to her after Bombshell and now this. I have been a pretty tough critic of hers but pleased to say that I might just be getting her appeal now, she really was very good in this one and a special mention for the Diamonds are a girls best friend scene, outstanding! Support from Ella Jay Basco, who was very good for such a young actress. Rosie Perez, Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were all given moments to scene steal which worked out perfect in terms of the screen time. I would have loved more of Ali Wong though who had a very small role. Ewan McGregor was absolutely brilliant as well as you have never ever seen him before, a very quirky and hilarious performance. In all honesty I had actually forgot he was even in the film, I don't think he has had very much publicity at all. Just thinking about some of his lines and moments is enough to make me laugh again now!

I loved the soundtrack and that as a lovely little bonus the majority of the songs were also performances by women! That really hit home especially with some classic rock music thrown in as well. Along with that and the female director and writer it shows that we could have had this type of kick ass film long before now. I am just happy that we have it and we deserve it! With the 15 rating in the UK it means it is very violent in comic book film terms and that is something else to really push it forward!

Visually the film has a hell of a lot of colour going on for it which makes it just lovely to watch, even some animation in the opening sequence which certainly fits in very nicely. I really do urge everyone to head to the cinema to watch this film, don't have my attitude towards how the trailer made it look. It is on another level to the trailer makes out! Outstanding, bonkers and brilliant!

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