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Biography of Billy Joel (Part I)

Posted on the 14 October 2011 by Musicaddictguy

This year we will celebrate 40 years of Billy Joel’s remarkable solo career in music, marked with launching of his first solo album “Cold Spring Harbor” (November 1971). This article is dedicated to celebrate his amazing career and achievement in music industry.
Billy Joel (William Martin Joel) was born on May 9, 1949 in Bronx, NY in a Germany-British Jewish family. They moved to Hicksville shortly after he was born. Both his parents are classic music lover, and forced Billy Joel to learn piano at age 4. He also joined amateur boxing circuit and won some match but then leaved boxing after a nose injury. 
His first step into music is by joining The Echoes, a group which specialized on British invasion covers, shortly after he abandoned boxing. He began playing piano for The Echoes when he was only 14 years old, and gained wide popularity in NY shortly after. As consequence, he had to perform with his band at a local bar almost every night, and did some studio recording sessions. Billy Joel dropped out from high school because he was too busy with his band. He left high school without diploma, but later he gained his diploma by essay submission – 25 years later after he left high school. 
The Echoes changed their name to The Emeralds, but then changed again to The Lost Souls. On 1967 he left The Lost Souls and joined another band, The Hassles. Billy Joel with The Hassles released 2 albums and 4 singles, but they all ended with commercial failure. Billy Joel left The Hassles and formed duo Attila, a heavy metal duo, with Jon Small (drummer of The Hassles). They released one album in 1970, but they disbanded shortly afterwards. 
1970 was a difficult era for Billy Joel. His career was on downturn, he had affair with Jon Small’s wife, Elizabeth, and fell to depression. He attempted to commit suicide by drinking furnish polish, but discovered by Jon Small. Billy Joel was rushed to hospital, and received treatment for depression. His struggle against depression has inspired him to wrote “Tomorrow is Today” and “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)”.   
                                                                                       (to be continue) 

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