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By Ballerinablogger
Hey all! So I recently got a comment asking me to explain how long I've been on pointe, what roles I've gotten in the past and what roles I would like to have in the future etc. I figured since it's also my birthday I'd do a little biography so you could get to know me better. :) (I am officially sixteen years old today!)
I began dancing when I was six years old and have danced every year since. It's without a doubt my passion. I went on pointe when I was ten years old, so that brings us to six years on pointe now. I danced at two local and smaller schools before 2003 when I transferred to a larger and more prestigious ballet school. After five or so years of training I became an apprentice with the school's affiliated company. I was thirteen (almost fourteen) at the time. I got thrown into corps de ballet roles immediately and was utterly thrilled. A year later (still at fourteen) I joined the company and even now at sixteen years old I'm still the youngest member. Over the course of this past year (starting with Nutcracker 2010) I've begun getting solos and more mature roles. Last year in the Nutcracker I was cast as Lead Spanish (Chocolate from Spain) alongside my partner and had the time of my life up on that stage. This year (although it's a bit of a pipe dream) I'm hoping to advance onto Lead Arabian (Coffee from Arabia). This dance requires more of a ballerina and I think with the controlled, flexible movements and lustful acting I could offer a lot to the role. We'll see what happens! :)
I've had to make up a resume of roles I've performed for applications and such so I'll post the list below. (I didn't include all roles because much of my company's performances are our artistic director's creations and I'd like to keep my location/where I dance private)
2011: Sleeping Beauty; Woodland Glade soloist, Sapphire Fairy soloist, Lilac Fairy Attendant, Dryad corps de ballet, Garland Waltz corps de balletHansel & Gretel:  Angels Corp, Shooting Star FairyNutcracker: 
2010: Midsummer Nights Dream: Fairy, understudy Fairy Peas Blossom (solo)Firebird: PrincessNutcracker: George Balanchine’s Snowflakes, George Balanchine’s Waltz of the Flowers, Spanish soloist, understudy George Balanchine’s Marzipan Shephardess
2009: Nutcracker: George Balanchine’s Snowflakes, George Balanchine’s Waltz of the Flowers, Spanish Corps, understudy George Balanchine’s Marzipan ShephardessMagic Toy Shop: Clown soloistGeorge Balanchine’s SerenadeCinderella: Star Fairy
2008: Nutcracker: George Balanchine’s Waltz of the Flowers, Arabian Corp, understudy George Balanchine’s SnowflakesCan Can Parisienne: French Maid, understudy CoquetteDon Quixote: Dryad corpCoppelia: Coppelia doll, village girl
* This does not include tap, jazz, benefit or recital performances

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