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Bing Webmaster Tools: How They Differ From Google’s Tools

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Bing Webmaster Tools: How They Differ From Google’s Tools

Do you know how to submit your site to the Bing webmaster tools? Bing offers some different insights on your website then Google does. Learning how to set up bing webmaster tools will help you to check if your site is coming up well on Bing and the Yahoo networks.

Bing Webmaster Tools For Your SEO Monitoring Needs

Bing and Yahoo account for almost 10% of all web traffic. Why leave that amount to chance for your website or blog to be found in search?

Not only that but some voice-activated search uses Bing as well and you can voice search right on Bing from your desktop!

Bing webmaster toolsBing webmaster tools you can use to increase your blog’s SEO.

What These Tools Can Do For Your Blog or Website

H1 Tags

Bing Webmaster Tools will let you know if you have to miss your h1 tags on a page. This is an important one for SEO and the look of a page as well.

However, I have not seen this guidance coming from Google console, have you? I love this one! You can find it under their SEO reports section.


Bing Webmaster tools let you know if your page is too heavy.

Your web images could be too heavy or your scripts. Bing will let you know about it in their SEO reports section.

Multiple Tags

If you have multiple tags on a page these tools will let you know. Another no-no from the major search engines.

However, you may have created your website years ago and did not realize you had multiple tags. That’s why I love seeing these and fixing them!

Description in Headers

Have you ever forgotten to put a description in your head? Bing will remind you of that.

You could have been so busy designing the new website that you forgot or started it before you know all the ins and outs of SEO.


Both Google and Bing webmaster tools will let you know if your sitemaps are updated or not. Bing seems to need them updated more often so do check in there at least monthly.

Next, you can set up an email notification from them when you need to update your sitemap. Nice! They even offer a beta plugin for this if you need it.

Keyword Research

Did you know you can do your keyword research right in the Bing webmaster tools? No need to go anywhere else.

You can research globally or via country.

Length of Titles and Meta Descriptions

Next, you may notice if you have the wrong length for your titles or meta descriptions. Again, if you had written pages, posts, or product descriptions years ago it may differ today.

Bing webmaster tools will help you find them quickly so you can fix them!

Again, if you had written pages, posts, or product descriptions years ago it may differ today. #SEO
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How to Set Up Your Bing Webmaster Tools

Go to Bing Webmaster Tools to sign up today for your insights and tools. You have to get a code to put on your site or blog for tracking.

Once it has been verified you are ready to start analyzing. It will take time for Bing to crawl your site.

Submit Site to Bing Webmaster Tools

You can submit your site to Bing webmaster tools and the pages of your site will be crawled. I do that now for any new pages I may add to my websites. You can do a monthly crawl as well to find new errors.

Notice you get rewarded with a $50 credit for search advertising? Another Bing reward!

More bing tools

SEO Reports to Guide You

Once you are all verified you can begin to see their new full SEO reports. These SEO reports are great to download and track your progress over time.  According to Bing:

“SEO Reports contains some of the most common page-level recommendations to improve your site’s ranking. These recommendations are based on a set of approximately 15 SEO Best Practices to help you get started. SEO best practices are a set of tasks designed to help improve a website’s search engine rankings.

The SEO Reports are generated automatically every other week and be available through your webmaster account. Using the same set of SEO Best Practices as the on-demand SEO Analyzer tool, we create bulk reports for all sites listed in your Webmaster account.

Now that is a tool you can use for all your SEO efforts whether you have a blog or an e-commerce website! 

If you do have a Shopify account, Bing has more tools for you now with their Shopify integration.

Other Webmaster Tool Tidbits

  • Both tools allow you to set up URL parameters.
  • Not only that, but both webmaster tools offer link tools, they show you which sites are linking to you. They both allow you to export files into a spreadsheet so you can keep better track of them if you like.
  • One thing Bing Webmaster Tools does not do is update quickly as Google does with their stats in the webmaster tools. Google updates daily and Bing takes longer sometimes days or weeks longer.
  • Both these tools are FREE to use and offer so much information about your website or blog. Why not take advantage of the webmaster tools for Free?

Bing Webmaster Plugin for Indexing

Now you can use a plugin from Bing for easy indexing!

Announcing IndexNow Plugin for WordPress an easy free way for WordPress websites owners to instantly inform search engines about latest content changes on their website and get these changes quickly reflected in search engines.

— Microsoft Bing Webmaster Team (@BingWMC) December 21, 2021

Your Turn

Have you used Bing Webmaster tools for your website or blog recently?  Do you know how to set up Bing webmaster tools now? It’s easy to do!

Finally, I’d love to know more in the comments below if you use Bing or Google webmaster tools for your blog or website.

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