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Billy Zed Interview

Posted on the 06 April 2012 by The Otter Beats @theotterbeats
Billy Zzzzz, that is me drifting into a musically induced dream of satisfaction. Billy Zed is an up and coming producer based in Greece. Following acts such as Keep Shelley in Athens is no small feat but extremely doable as he refines his style. “I'm very glad for Keep Shelly in Athens success and recognition. That motivates a lot of artists here in Greece, including myself. It reminds us that music is something global, something that makes people communicate with each other. No matter where they are from, what color they are or what language they speak.” True words as music in its purest form allows anyone in this world to communicate. Scientific fact does provide some basis to that.

Billy Zed Interview

{"Go DJ, that's my DJ" - Lil Wayne.}

Billy Zed uses various techniques to talk to his listeners, as with all artist. “I would describe my style as freestyle electronics. My influences are from a wider range of music... from different music genres and different decades. From 70s and 80s funk and rock, to recent indie rock and electronic sounds. Through music I express myself and my feelings, so the style of a song depends on how I feel at the time and what I want to say.” Great to hear such depth in tracks. “I am an optimistic person and I love nature... When I am doing a remix, I try to understand the feeling of the song, put it through my emotional filter and then make it sound different but equally as good... at least I hope so.” No need to worry, we can definitely tell you have put in quite the effort into your remixes and we love them more for it!
He recently released his first EP, which is available to listen below, and the 2 track ensemble gives us a taste as to what Billy Zed is about. “I would say its a part of “a dream come true” thing for me and I would like to thank the guys from my label in Denver, Velchro City Records, that game me that opportunity. The inspiration comes from human relations, love and in some way traveling. Jet Luv has that feeling of being in an airport, waiting for departure. You can choose your own destination! Indian summer is more loungy and summer feeling... a love story and a trip to the east maybe...” We are definitely excited to see more releases and more content! “I am doing some remixes at the time and working on some new songs. I hope that I manage to release another EP at the end of 2012!” Let us all look forward to it and do not forget to buy the tracks on Beatport. You can listen to the EP below as well as a remix he did recently. Happy Listening and do not forget to like us and Billy Zed!
"Save Music! Save the planet! Save yourselves! and THINK POSITIVE!" - Billy Zed

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