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BILLSBABE & MOYERIST Wristbands Designed in Support of Facing The World

Posted on the 27 May 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault
BILLSBABE & MOYERIST Wristbands designed in support of Facing The World


The Vault’s twin website is continuing the support for Facing The World with a wristband designed in the black and purple signature colors of the website.

The fashionable silicon wristbands have three inscriptions with a special meaning that bound all Stephen Moyer fans together.


The front of the wristband reads: “BILLSBABE & MOYERIST”

The name “Billsbabe” was invented in the first weeks that True Blood aired back in 2008 and quickly became the synonym for a fan of Stephen Moyer. “Moyerist” is a more recent expression, identifying those who have discovered and appreciate Stephen’s other work besides True Blood.

The back of the wristband reads: “EMBRACE THE FEAR”

“Embrace the fear” is a direct quote from an interview with Stephen. He was quoted, when answering a question in an interview “what makes you fearless?” by answering, “Someone close to me said to “embrace the fear” and I try to do that. I think sometimes people hide behind fear and use it as a reason not to move forward.”

Numerous fans of Stephen have expressed that they too find these words inspirational and are attempting to apply this way of thinking to their own lives. It is true that fear often holds us back from doing what we’d really like to do in our lives. Living by this motto helps provide the courage to take the next step and move forward to where we want to go.

The inside of the wristband reads:

A tribute to the website that has been the center and beating heart of the Stephen Moyer fandom ever since it opened its doors in 2009.


BILLSBABE & MOYERIST Wristbands designed in support of Facing The World

The wristbands are sold in our Bid N Buy Charity Shop, they cost $7.50 + shipping costs. Payments by PayPal, world-wide shipping.

Access the Bid N Buy Charity Shop

For help registering a new account or buying your wristband visit the FAQ here.


All proceeds of the wristbands will be donated to Facing The World. Learn more about Facing The World on the special info page here:

Facing the World is a UK based non-profit organization that provides life changing facial reconstructive surgery for children with severe facial disfigurements who are not able to access the surgery that they need in their own countries.

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