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Bill O’Reilly Blasphemes His Own Dog In The Name Of Politics

Posted on the 17 October 2017 by Sumithardia

Bill O’Reilly Blasphemes His Own Dog In The Name Of Politics


OG disgraced sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly doesn’t know the first thing about dog anatomy or ongoing systemic racial oppression but still found the time to discuss both issues on Twitter, dragging his innocent Corgi Holly into the fray with him. Bill deigned to speak for his long suffering, forced companion Holly by posting a picture of her to Twitter and talking shit about her little body.

Here’s Bill’s tweet.

Holly would never take a knee during the National Anthem even if she had knees. Check her out on Instagram: https://t.co/XG5no0xXb0 pic.twitter.com/Rcv6Fks00V

— Bill O'Reilly (@billoreilly) October 16, 2017

Naturally, the internet was quick to drag Bill for the lies he tells. Holly does so have knees! Holly is also an apolitical being who is more interested in eating bologna and licking her genitals than she is in being used as a pawn in her feeder’s asinine and unfunny straw man commentary.

Yes. They do have knees. See circled area. pic.twitter.com/pXro7LQBsy

— ⚖️Ms. Mueller⚖️ (@wethefreople) October 16, 2017

Dogs have knees. Corgis are also highly intelligent, too bad we can’t say the same for you. pic.twitter.com/xh6YnshCsL

— Tyler Rogers (@TJRLAB) October 16, 2017

As Av Club suggests, Bill is using Holly to cross promote his new Instagram feed which features Holly the Hostage in various poses almost exclusively. Oh, and to promote his new book too.

Bill must know that his face is revolting and triggering for most people, and using an adorable Corgi as his avatar is probably his attempt at rehabbing his image. I’m not fooled. Bill is a low-down dirty dog alright, but only in the human sense because of how he treats people. Holly is an actual low-down dog (though she looks clean enough) because that’s how she was born. And she’s beautiful. Bill, not so much.

Besides, as one Twitterer pointed out, a Corgi absolutely can take a knee.

Corgis #TakeAKnee too.
It just looks different. pic.twitter.com/6429bmYdni

— Resistance Amplifier (@ResistanceAmp) October 16, 2017

Using your dog to prove a political point is just plain silly. Chances are your dog is a better person than you, no matter your views. Dogs love unconditionally. If you take a knee they will probably come over to see if you’re ok. If you stand, they will probably come over to see if you will take them for a walk. If you give them a treat they will sit, stand, kneel or roll over. Or they won’t. Some dogs don’t play that game either.

Pic: Instragram

Source: Bill O’Reilly Blasphemes His Own Dog In The Name Of Politics

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