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Bill Hartzer Releases “Top 20 Best New gTLDs Based on Quality”

Posted on the 16 July 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains


Bill Hartzer who frequently write on domain names and SEO issues has published a list of the Top 20 Best New gTLDs Based on Quality.

“As a part of Globe Runner’s New gTLD SEO Power Rankings Index, we gathered data from over 20,000 websites that have been actually built–or developed, on New gTLD domain names. From that list of over 20,000 websites, we have studied these websites’ qualities, and pulled a lot of other interested data.

We were able to find the best New gTLDs based on quality.

Globe Runner took the time to come up with an extensive list of fully developed websites–most of which are indexed in the search engines, and some actually ranking well in the search results.

One of the data points that we analyzed was related to the quality of the websites built on the New gTLD domain names. What we wanted to know is which New gTLDs have been more successful in attracting quality websites to be built on their TLD.

No surprisingly many of the top 20 new gTLD extensions are Geographic or cultural in nature but more than half the list are generic new gTLD’s

Here is the top 20 List:





















Globe Runner also looked at the actual websites with the highest Trust Flow values assigned to them from Majestic. The following is a sample of the best New gTLD domain names that we found based on Trust Flow:

URL Trust Flow: 71 69 69 67 67 66 65 62 61 61 61 60 60 60 59 59 58 57 56 56

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