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Bill Clinton: A Shotgun is Better Than an Assault Weapon

Posted on the 02 May 2013 by Mikeb302000

What is it with these guys and their "shotguns are better than assault weapons?" First Biden, now Clinton?
I like what he said about the "intensity of support."  That's exactly why the tiny fringe element of true gun-rights believers can be as influentual as they are.
Apathy is the enemy of the gun control movement.  Intensity is the defining characteristic of gun rights.
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By Matthew Peters
posted on 22 December at 12:08

At close range, <25 yards, there is nothing that the average consumer can buy that is deadlier than a shotgun. Shotguns are also much better suited for use against moving targets. Most "assault weapons" are too small caliber to even be good for deer hunting.

In warfare, seriously injuring people is much more effective than killing them. It ties up a lot more resources.