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Bikinis and Iron Pills: Two Different Very Similar Stories

By F.b.c.reations @fbcreations

so. I am at Wholefoods looking for iron in the vitamins isle. and obviously my attention goes to a raw version of iron supplement offering 122% of daily value for double the price of the regular simple pills (which by the way we all hate to begin with because they hit heavy on your stomach and digestive functions). nonetheless, I even consider purchasing it riding the wave of cleansing, organic, raw, probiotic and all that crap.

bikinis and iron pills: two different very similar stories

why should I need that extra 22% of iron? is this another case of comfort in abundance typical of that american consumerism that surrounds us and instills us that more is always better no matter if it is a chicken parmigiana, iron, horsepowers or weight.

the impulse almost pushed me to make the wrong decision. my left brain stopped me, big breath and count to 5 and changed my mind.

then later on that day, I see a Facebook post by my friend Monica M. puzzled at“why is it that North Americans think that bathing suits are to be worn wrinkled/loose?”  by impulse I think (as she does) too much fabric, wrong size. and then again the same question lingers comfort in abundance? like the extra 22% not needed nor solicited, do you need 6 yards of lycra to make a bikini, or the same equivalent of thick rough lining inside to make it heavier, unappealing and bulky?

besides, who says you need all those extra tan lines showing from the strapless dress? 

the situation wouldn’t even exist if it were for Monica and me (at least) and by the way let’s see how many read this and want to join the real bikini contest.

on another note, my friend Carson would come up with the question “what’s up with Italian men and their Speedos at the beach”. next time.

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