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Bikini Kill

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
To mark the hottest December day in 11 years, it's time to face one of my own personal demons.
I've had a two decade-long hate-hate relationship with my belly.
And at age 44, I'm calling "last orders please" on this body-part hatred.
Time for a bikini shoot.
Bikini Kill Last time the mercury hit 39 degrees in the month of December, was 2001.
Number 3 Son was a bouncing nine-month-old scallywag and The Stylist was several weeks off becoming a human bean.
It's been more than 20 years since my tum's seen the light of day.
Four HUGE babies resulted in weird stretched-out tummy skin, a distorted belly button and a phobia about showing off my torso.
I show my belly off to the kids who, like most children, have always been fascinated by any kind of body "weirdness", before they recoil in horror.
Bikini Kill First-time belly exposure calls for a killer 1970s bikini.
Bikini Kill Hell, I can't believe this is happening.
I'm actually showing you the part of my body I fear the most.
I know I'm not the only one to "fear" their body parts.
It's familiar terrain; the earliest I can remember the feeling was at age 13.
Bikini Kill I have stretch marks, pocked and stretched-out skin, a distended belly button and other "flaws".
But there is an opposing point of view.
I also have beautiful, funny, joyful, healthy children who are encouraged to explore their talents and be fearless yet cautious.
I will always have someone to cuddle until the day I die.
They will always have a mama who loves them despite their flaws.
No BODY is perfect.
Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill It's so easy for us fling positive phrases about like "love your body" or "it's the beauty inside that counts".
But concerns about our body are fueled by edited images, before-and-after celebrity and diet pics.
They creep in and viciously chip away at our self-confidence.
Today's revelation is hopefully one small step for womankind:).
Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill Silk scarf, bracelet, vintage lace slip and 1970s bikini - thrifted Necklace - gifted by Helga "Hot Body" von Trollop Earrings and shades - Etsy Arse-squeezes all round me-thinks! Desiree xoxo

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