Big Feature in WhatsApp’s Special Feature, Photo-video Seen Even After Being Deleted

Posted on the 20 September 2019 by Harsh Sharma @harshsharma9619

A big feature has emerged in a special feature of WhatsApp. This feature is ‘Delete for everyone’. This feature was introduced long ago in WhatsApp. If you mistakenly message a text or media file to the wrong person, then this feature allows you to delete it immediately. The special thing is that you will not see those messages nor the person in front. But this special feature of WhatsApp is not working in some phones.

If you send a photo or video to WhatsApp from any other device on the iPhone and later use ‘Delete for Everyone’, this feature will not work. Even after deleting for everyone, iPhone users can also view that photo and video later. Actually, even after using the delete for every feature, the media file (photo or video) remains in the ‘camera roll’ of the iPhone, which can be seen. This flaw was spotted by a user and Gadgets Now has also tested it.

If the user to whom you have sent the media file is using WhatsApp with the default settings in his iPhone, then the photos and videos will be automatically downloaded and saved in the camera roll. Once the media file reaches the camera roll, Apple does not allow WhatsApp to make any changes to it. This is the reason that if the sender of the media file is deleted from the chat window using the delete for every feature, it will still be saved in the camera roll.

Whatsapp said – there is no guarantee

When information of this ‘bug’ came to light, WhatsApp said that there is no guarantee that the media file will be permanently deleted. WhatsApp said in a statement, “The feature provided through ‘Delete for Everyone’ is intended to delete the message and there is no guarantee that the media file (or message) will be permanently deleted.” The focus of this feature is on having messages in WhatsApp. ‘

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