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Big Decision to Make? Head to the Kitchen

Posted on the 23 September 2015 by 72point @72hub
Big Decision to Make? Head to the Kitchen

The biggest decisions in life are made in the kitchen, new research has revealed.

A typical homeowner makes 208 important decisions while in the kitchen each year, with career moves, kids' schooling and relationship chats among the burning issues.

Research into the home lives of 2,000 people uncovered the kitchen as the hub of the home, with four in 10 saying it's the most likely room to play host to 'family meetings'.

One in 10 made the decision to have a new baby while in the kitchen while one in four decided on a career move and almost a fifth chose to put their house up for sale.

The research, commissioned by home appliance brand Hotpoint, found the kitchen is also where parents and children are most likely to have heart-to-heart chats.

And 60 per cent of Brits said they could also be found in the kitchen at parties- gravitating toward that room more than any other at events.

Hotpoint's Brand Communications Director, Ian Moverley said: "We know that the kitchen has risen to be the hub of the home for many reasons, be it family time or the chance to get creative.

"Having the right equipment ensures that time in the kitchen is enjoyable and stress free and gives people the tools they need to feel confident in their cooking ability."

The kitchen also provides a space for Brits to express themselves and relieve daily stresses, with exactly a third of people saying they felt their cooking was a reflection of their personality.

While six in ten parents said they love it when their children help out with the cooking in the kitchen.

Lisa Faulkner, Hotpoint brand ambassador, said: "With today's hectic lifestyles, it's important to have a central place where people can relax, socialise and get creative; for me this is in the kitchen. I love cooking with my daughter and she enjoys getting involved."

The 10 biggest decisions made by Brits in their kitchens:
  1. A career move or new job
  2. Where my relationship is going
  3. Whether to extend the home
  4. How to budget/manage bills
  5. Thinking about an argument or dispute
  6. Decorating/ home improvement plans
  7. How to discipline a child
  8. Whether to move/put the house up for sale
  9. Working out what school the children will go to
  10. Deciding whether or not to have a child/another child

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