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Big Country - 5 Classic Albums (5 CD-Box)

Posted on the 21 June 2021 by Ripplemusic
Country Classic Albums CD-Box)

Scottish giants Big Country first appeared on my radar in 1986, when my brother played 'Look Away' from their upcoming album 'The Seer'. Can't recollect how he came about this single but we immediately liked what we heard. A few months later when the LP came out he bought a copy and the rest is history. Due to the brilliance of this band I began to backtrack their recorded history and obtained their first 2 wax, 'The Crossing' and 'Steeltown'. Took to both right awayand combined with 'The Seer' this trio quickly heightened my love for this band. And then came 'Peace In Our Time' and I dropped these Scots like a hot potato. Although the first 3 stayed with me. Then 30 years later this 5 CD-Box containing those four albums as well as recording number five, 'No Place Like Home' and something sparked inside of me: "I have to have this!". So, of course, I bought a copy and have enjoyed rediscovering this amazing band.

Country Classic Albums CD-Box)

Released in 1983, Big Country hit the airwaves hard with this wax. Their blend of punk, rock and Scottish folk music mixed with poignant and candid social commentaries is bar to none. Using effect pedals e-bows they could recreate the sounds of bagpipes, strings and synths which helped to forma and shape their unique and wonderful sound.

Stand-outs: 'In A Big Country', Harvest Home', 'The Storm', Porrohman' and 'Fields Of Fire'.

Country Classic Albums CD-Box)

Unveiled in 1984 I took to this album more than 'The Crossing' but only just. Think it's because these songs resonates better with me. Not easing up on social injustice at all, frontman Stuart Adamson focused on Scots forced to migrate to find work elsewhere only to end up in hardship.

Stand-outs: Flame Of The West', 'East Of Eden', 'Steeltown', 'Where The Rose Is Sown' and 'Rain Dance'.

Country Classic Albums CD-Box)

Released in 1986 it's the album which turned me on to Big Country. Excellent through and through with a strong return to the Celtic sound. The lyrics are filled with Scottish heritage, as well as romanticism and a longing for peace. Kate Bush helps out on the title track.

Stand-outs: 'Look Away', 'The Seer', 'Eiledon' and 'Rememberance Day'.

Country Classic Albums CD-Box)

Sour grapes for me since I dropped Big Country with this album, basically in the same fashion I sided with Fish when he left Marillion. However, when I got to reconnect with it 32 years later in 2020, originally released in 1988, it is much better than I remembered. Perhaps I've matured enough to appreciate what's on offer. Still very slick and streamlined in the production and sounds as if it was aimed for the US, something which failed as 'Peace In Our Time' basically killed Big Country stateside, almost the band as well..

Stand-outs: 'Broken Heart', 'Thousand Yard Stare', 'Everything I Need' and 'In This Place'.

Country Classic Albums CD-Box)

Prior to obtaining this box I sadly didn't know this album existed but I really like it. True, musically Big Country has moved away from their early sound meaning the wonderful Celtic touch is gone. But it still resonates with me since the lyrics old are back. Reminds me of Talking Heads in many places. Mark Brzezicki, their excellent drummer, plays on all but one song as a session drummer. He left the band after the debacle with 'Peace In Our Time'.

Stand-outs: 'We're Not In Kansas', 'Republican Party Reptile', 'Dynamite Lady' and 'Ships'.


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