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Big Changes...

By Annie
Are happening in my lifeAnd Unfortunately I had no control.  
I DO have 
 how I deal withThese changes!!!
My husband has walked ..he has gone.
Husband of 22 years and friend for longer.  
He wants a new life .. He wants to be and and feel younger. Something he cannot do!!
We all change, it is part of life We are different to when we first met That is inevitable. . 
Aging is a natural of whichWe have to run with ..but it isHow we deal with it!!
I am sure you all get the gist of the Post,  without me spelling it out !!! 
Younger is the common denominator!!!! Younger this and younger that !!New country Maybe too. Asia maybe. 
In the meantime I have lots to deal with 
I know my friends are here ..Thank you. X
I would not normally write about my personal life
I feel like have I exposed myself ..BUT I feel the 
NEED  too.  Why hide from friends ...

When Friends are what get you through LIFE..


I will be back to blogging soon ...not giving that up.

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