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Big Brush Stroke Overview of Egypt Election Results Round 2

Posted on the 19 December 2011 by Warigia @WarigiaBowman

Big Brush Stroke Overview of Egypt Election Results Round 2

FJP election poster in Luxor. Photo by the author.

If you want detailed election results, click here Jaadaliya Election Results .
Here is the big picture.
Aswan, [6 Seats] the usual. FJP 2 seats, Al Nour 1 Seat, Egyptian Bloc, 1 seat. Single winner runoff between FJP, Wafd, and Al Nour.
Sohag, [30 Seats]  FJP,  Al Nour, Egyptian Bloc and Nasserites. District 2 list postponed due to irregularities.
Beheira, [30 Seats]  FJP with 60 % of the votes, Al Nour 25 %, trailed by Al Wafd and Egyptian Bloc.
Suez, [6 Seats] Al Nour with more than 50% of the votes (2 seats), FJP with 25% (1 Seat), and Egyptian Bloc with 15 % (1 Seat).
Ismailia, [6 Seats] FJP 2 Seats, Al Nour 2 Seats. The Islamists dominated the vote.
Sharqiya, [30 Seats] FJP 40% of vote, Al Nour 25% of vote, Al Wafd 13 % of the vote, and Egyptian Bloc, 10% of the vote, Revolution Continues 4% of vote.
Menoufia [24 Seats] One list vote postponed due to irregularities. FJP, Al Wafd, Al Nour.
Beni Suef [18 Seats] FJP, Al Nour, Al Wafd, Revolution Continues, in that order.
Giza [30 Seats] FJP, Al Nour, Egyptian Bloc, Al Wafd and Revolution Continues Alliance, in that order. 

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