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Big Brother Recap

Posted on the 19 September 2013 by Lifeofasportswife @jessaolson

So tonight was the finale of Big Brother. It's bittersweet. The final 3 are: Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer. 

Andy is/was a professor at some university. GM is/was a pageant coordinator. Spencer is/was a railroad conductor. I read in article that all 3 of them have lost their jobs. I'm not sure how accurate that information is though. 

All season people have talked about this is the worst cast of characters EVER. I don't know if I would go that far. I think that this year was a lot of floaters. Not as many type A personalities. Going into this season I was excited for Spencer and Elissa. I actually really love Rachel so I thought Elissa would be the same. I was wrong because she played a different game. 

So the last HOH was Andy, and he had to pick who he was going to go against for the $500,000. He picked GM, and not my buddy, Spencer. My heart sank a little bit. I was really hoping he would win it overall. 

The jurors got to ask the final 2 questions, and I was very impressed with how Andy answered them. I was getting more annoyed that he just kept apologizing. Admit that you did them and move on. 

Every year America gets to vote on America's Favorite. It's really an obvious answer because of the following of a certain houseguest sister. I still like her though. I wish I could rock my body like that. 

So the winner of this year is Andy! I'm not mad but I'm not happy either. 

Do you watch Big Brother? Did you like this season? 

Big Brother Recap
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