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Big Bright Eyes Post: Tomorrow is Valentines Day, the Next Day is Bright Eyes Day…

Posted on the 13 February 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

So Conor Oberst’s Birthday is in 2 days. This also happens to be same date as the release of Bright Eyes’ latest and possibly final album. I thought I’d spew a few of my favourite tracks from his back catalogue in preperation…


This amazing track was released last year for a good cause, the cause being Bright Eyes fans not getting anything new for aaaages! Now, Conor Oberst has the habit of soundtracking your life with every word and and this track was no different, if you can’t relate to these lyrics you’re probably not all that human…


MP3: I know you


Big Bright Eyes post: Tomorrow is Valentines day, the next day is Bright Eyes day…

I canNOT stop listening to this track from Conor’s side two time side project Desaparecidos. I’ve always liked it and thought it was pretty killer in terms of the guitars and low fidelity early 21st century angst but recently I’ve paid attention to more of the nuances that make the band all the more fascinating.

“I’m growing out my hair
like it was when I was single
it was longer than I’ve known you
I had no money then
I had no worries then at all”

That verse resonates with me for some strange reasons. On a superficial level i’m now living with a girl who doesn’t care whether my hair is long or short, or rather accepts me either way and it is now beautifully lustrous. Truth is, back in 2006 when the opposite was the case, I had lots of money and lived a turbulant, stressful life. Now I have less than no money, I don’t have the problems I had back then, I just have enough to keep me interested.

Some of the lyrics are brilliantly poignant, they do follow a formula (statement, simile, metaphor) but what a formula-

“I’m a bill you pay
I’m a contract you can’t break”.

MP3: Man and Wife, the latter (damaged goods)




Big Bright Eyes post: Tomorrow is Valentines day, the next day is Bright Eyes day…

Bright Eyes- Contrast and Compare

This is probably the Conor song that Tilly and The Wall’s Neely Jenkins is most noted for. Strangely opinion is divided on what she added to this Letting off the happiness track, personally I think everything about the song is gorgeous.

It starts off with Conor saying “No it’s seven, so it’s five hours before 1998“. That’s right, Conor Oberst was recording amazing songs way before the end of the last millenium. It makes one feel both proud and worthless at the same time.

The tone, to a Bright Eyes aficionado is similar to Feb 15th, which Neely also sings on (all eyes on the calender, another year I claim of total indifference // contrast and compare, between the busy and the ones who don’t care). The languid percussion along with Mike Mogis’ slurred sliding makes for a restless but drowsy precession through comforting and harrowing dependancy.

Mp3: (download only) Contrast and compare


“There’s no hell when you die, so

don’t look so worried.”

Big Bright Eyes post: Tomorrow is Valentines day, the next day is Bright Eyes day…

Bright Eyes- Light Pollution

I get paranoid about two things. 1- I post too much Bright Eyes. 2- I don’t post enough Bright Eyes. To resolve this I’ve made the decision you can never have enough Bright Eyes and whenever a new track comes into regular rotation i’ll declare it here and spout on about why it’s the best one of all time, until the next one.

Turns out I already posted about this track a month ago… I’ve probably listened to it every day since then but I’ll post another great one i’ve been enjoying tomorrow but until then-

MP3: Light Pollution

“(Light Pollution) I think is something i’ve noticed more and more being in London and is something I consider from time to time. Not all that long ago, when the sun went down, half the world was dark. Surely the way we live now has to be affecting our planet in inconceivable ways?”


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