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Biblical Creationism Inadvertantly Explains the Electric Universe

Posted on the 08 October 2018 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I watched the forthcoming videos NOT with an eye to proving the Creationist agenda (dated by adding the ages of the parents of parents in the Bible) but of some great interstellar catastrophe involving our best sun as the Egyptians called the brown-dwarf Saturn, a star where the plasma sheath extends out way beyond its surface under less electric pressure than the high electric pressure of our Sun.
Iff we can convince ourselves that our sun was not the first star this planet neighboured, then, when proto-Saturn arrived into the sun's electric influence with its planet in tow, ours included, any exchange of parent star would result in a MASSIVE ELECTRICAL STORM until stability of new orbit was attained. There's also a gravity issue as Earth's inabitants shift from a high plasma (low gravity) position inside the plasma sheath of proto-Saturn to a low plasma (high gravity) distant from the surface of their new sun.
I suspect the Atlantic and Pacific trenches were carved electrically. Maybe this is why we can no longer see (the lost city of) Atlantis, it was CARVED AWAY north and south by electrical machining. The blunt steep sides of the Atlantic trench are VERY SIMILAR to the blunt steep sides of the Valles Marineris on Mars, another electrical feature involving a newly-born Venus in electrical conjunction in the ancient skies. Depicted many times in records and illustrations of the ancient world.
Electric machining (where the waters were falling back says the Bible) can raise mountains, really quickly. Like in minutes. Yes, this isn't settled science, but then science isn't settled.

ADDDITIONAL MATERIAL: creationists redate the pyramids as post-Noah's Flood, so they rework the timeline. And ther'es nothing wrong with this is the FLOOD ATTRIBUTED TO THE STORY OF NOAH actually took place as proto-Saturn entered the Sun system i.e. about 12,000 years BCE. PS: the she-lion Sphynx can still be WATER DAMAGED the way it is, before Noah's Flood at approx. 3,000 BC.

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