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Beware of the "sidekick"

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog

First I would like to start off by saying that I am not throwing shade at anyone in the above picture. I do NOT know Fabolous or his crew.  I wanted to talk about something that I have dealt with in the past and I would like to save a young lady some of her precious time. I call this nigga man the sidekick. We hear so much talk about "side chicks" but not enough talk about the sidekick. What is a sidekick you ask?  A sidekick is the name I've given to male groupies or "friends" of male celebrities, mainly rappers and athletes. These grown men travel with their celebrity friends and they start to believe that they are also famous. They are usually the smallest little men in the crew, but they have the biggest mouth and the emptiest pockets. I am not talking about every man that has celebrity friends, just the ones who have no identity of their own.
When you ask a sidekick what he does for a living he usually says things like "I am so and so's assistant" or "I am self-employed" or "I do a little bit of everything." Lmao- these men crack me up! Ok, 1st of all "assistant" just means I don't do shit but travel with my famous friend, and "self-employed" usually means I am a drug dealer who will do anything to have as much money as my rich and famous friend. 
These men are usually very disrespectful and over protective. They are quick to call a woman a bitch or a groupie because they can't stand the fact that women constantly walk right past them to get closer to the celebrity; they will do anything to keep you away!
I personally think that it's pretty gay for a man who is not officially on another man's payroll to feel the need to go everywhere that his friend goes. Dude, get a life! Find a wife and have some babies...get off your friends nut sack!
Anyway... I just thought this quick warning was necessary because I am so sick of niggas men calling women "groupies." What gives you the right to call a woman a groupie? What the hell do you do, and why are you always standing next to your friend in the club?
Ladies, look out for the signs! If a guy who is clearly not in the NBA says something like "WE have a game today." RUN!!! Run for your life girl, he is a sidekick!
If a guy who is clearly not a rapper says something like "WE have a show tonight." RUN! 
"WE" don't have shit to do! Your celebrity friend has the life and you just follow his every move like the obedient little sidekick that you are.
Make sure that the guy you meet in the club that's in so and so's section has a car and a house (or apartment) in his own name. Chances are his most prized possessions belong to another grown ass man...his FRIEND!
I thank God that my husband is a real man who would much rather lay up with his wife instead of standing next to another man in the club popping bottles that he didn't buy!

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