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Better Than The iPhone...

Posted on the 27 January 2012 by Spencerinc @spencerincorp

Better then the iPhone??? No way. Such hokum. Well let me explain.
When Apple released the iPhone 4S many were very annoyed with the decision to do so. In this world of continually released smartphones, companies cannot chose to not step it up. All that was changed in the iPhone was the processor and camera structure. And that was it. Other companies are advancing much faster than Apple with iPhone.
Lets get to the meat of the matter, the phone in question. The Samsung Galaxy SII. This phone packs a lot more than the iPhone does and with the SIII on the horizon, Apple should be scared. The SII is faster, has a better screen and a better camera. What will the next step up be for Samsung and there flagship device.
Well we can expect to see many things on this new device. Speculations include such specs as an 8 MP camera, a 4"+ screen is a cert and Quad core is to be expected. With this phone to be announced in march at the Barcelona phone conference and the iPhone 5 (possibly) being released in the autumn the S III will be the obvious choice for any up-for-a-long-term-high-price contract. This loss of market share may be bad for Apple as it may lose them a lot of followers.
But let us not forget the hole reason the iPhone is so popular. The Operating System and the App store the phone runs on. These are the key reasons why the iPhone is the highest selling smartphone. But Apple must watch their backs as Android phones are catching up very, very fast.

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