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Better Customer Service – 7 Tips

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Potni

Customer service is the lifeblood of every customer relationship. How can you improve it and better serve your customers?

1. Ask your customers

Carry out regular customer surveys, either by letter, email or Internet. Ask for suggestions and critics. You can incentivize customers with raffle, coupons or gifts to participate in surveys. Ask at fairs in a direct conversation. Invite your customers to a customer day. Put a box in your company premises in which customers can put their ideas.

2. Offer unexpected service

Surprise your customers with unexpected service. There are plenty examples. Search on Internet the keywords “improvement of customer service”, you will receive plenty advices. Find keywords like “New support center -set up”, “Each customer is assigned to a personal customer service representative.” Also, we are surprising our customers when we tell them that they can feel free to send their resume.

3. Give information on the Internet

Here you can delight your customers and even save costs. More and more customers are informed on the Internet before purchasing. Put here all relevant information, which can be found quickly. You should also offer contact information with different communication channels: e.g. phone, email or live chat.

4. Inform occasionally

The customer places an order and is not sure if everything is handled on time and perfectly. Tell to your customer that everything works fine. Inform them about the progress of work and delivery.

5. Deal professionally with complaints

If the customer is dissatisfied, he often thinks about switching products. Therefore you should deal professionally with complaints. Respond quickly and be available for the customer.

6. Respond quickly

Customers do not like to wait. Therefore, you should act quickly. After an inquiry, you can send information that you have received inquiry, also a confirmation for order. Tell to your customers if he needs to wait longer for a response. Some support ticket system and help desk software is a great tool if you want to cut down the time needed for response.

7. Surprise them with gifts

Surprise your customers with gift for Christmas. But why not even on Easter, Mother’s Day, Pentecost, the beginning of summer, etc. These actions will produce positive reactions.

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