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Bet Shemesh News, Division, Walls, and Shuls

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Bet Shemesh has been in the news for a number of things recently...
1. Gideon Saar, the Minister of Interior, has said, in response to a query on the issue from MK Meir Porush (UTJ), that dividing Bet Shemesh is not on the agenda.
source: Bechadrei
Obviously, just because something is not on the agenda today does not mean it will not be on the agenda tomorrow, but it does show what Saar thinks of the idea. And Saar, if the plan advances, is the one who would be responsible for it.
2. Regardless of what Saar said, Bet Shemesh City Councilman has taken what was a bad and negative idea, splitting the city to two separate municipalities, and has made it ridiculous.
Peres introduced his new plan for splitting the city. His revised plan now includes a wall dividing the two cities.
source: Mynet
There is some debate about whether Bet Shemesh has the halachic status of a walled city, in relation to the relevant halachot of Purim. This brings some new meaning to the idea of Bet Shemesh as a walled city.
Maybe Richard Peres can import the stones from the dismantled Berlin Wall and use them to build his Bet Shemesh wall.
Peres can also arrange a twinning with Berlin.
3. 2 shuls in Bet Shemesh, in RBS B, were vandalized and ransacked on Monday. In one f the shuls the Torah scrolls were thrown on the floor, in addition to other damage done and items stolen (such as a valuable Moroccan shofar as well as silver and wooden Torah cases). From the second shul, the Torah scrolls were stolen. The Torahs were later discovered discarded in the nearby forest.
source: Kikar
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