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Bet Hakerem to Becme the Next Conflagration Point in Jerusalem?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Shas owns a building in Bet Hakerem that they will be using to establish a museum to commemorate Rav Ovadiah Yosef.
Bet Hakerem is a Jerusalem neighborhood that is largely secular, with some religious people interspersed among them. They are upset that Shas chose to build their museum in Bet Hakerem, and suggest that as Har Nof is a place where many Shas voters and supporters live, it would be a much more appropriate location. The building has until now been used to store archives of documents, but they have applied for  a zoning change.
The opponents to the museum say that they are going to put together an offer to purchase the building, if their opposition is rejected by the Iryah. They also point to the fact that if they would try moving in or establishing secular institutions in Haredi neighborhoods they wouldn't be allowed to, and if they succeeded in their attempts they would then be harassed until they agree to leave, so they shouldn't  let Haredim move institutions into their area.
source: Maariv
looks like we have another point of conflict in Jerusalem.
I imagine they are intending to use this building not as part of a plan to takeover the area, but because they already have it and it is likely under-utilized. Using it means they don't need to go spend money on buying or renting another building. The "takeover" of the neighborhood, or feeling of it, would probably just be a byproduct. Even if true, this won't prevent it from becoming a fight.
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