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Best Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can Buy Or DIY

By Olga

Original content: Best Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can Buy or DIY

Wedding gifts come in different sizes and guests would likely mail the bigger ones before the wedding. The smaller ones that can go in cards like money, they will bring to the wedding. To collect all these, you need aesthetic and functional wedding card box ideas to fit your wedding theme and personality.


You can choose to buy or take on the affordable DIY project of making your own wedding card box. But before you start, get in here and let’s inspire you with gorgeous unique wedding card box ideas.

How big should my wedding card box be?

The size of your wedding card box depends on your wedding size. Although, the regular box size is about 14 x 9.5 x 5 inches. Then for the slit, cards can generally go through a 6 inches slit. So put it at 7 inches to be on the safe side.

Wedding Card Box Ideas

See a collection of wedding box ideas for card and money collections at the wedding in acrylic, wood, Plexiglass, and cardstock.

1. Wedding post box

wedding card box ideas white wedding post box
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Beautiful, ornamental and expertly crafted, this box is perfect for the modern ballroom and traditional wedding. It’s handmade with plywood and other eco-friendly materials. It’s an attention grabber with its intricate detailing. The guests will find putting their cards very easy. Perfect as a trunk for post-wedding keepsakes.

Buy here

2. Acrylic wedding card box

wedding card box ideas acrylic wedding card box
wedding-card-box-ideas-acrylic-wedding-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-acrylic-wedding-card-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20acrylic%20wedding%20card%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-acrylic-wedding-card-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-acrylic-wedding-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

Acrylic is the perfect balance between minimalism and extravagance, chic and traditional, sophisticated and laid back. And if you’re a bride on a budget, this is very easy and quite affordable to pull off. All you need is vinyl, acrylic, cling, and glass, plastic and cheap wedding decorations for embellishment.

Buy here

3. Vintage money card holder

wedding card box ideas vintage money card holder box
wedding-card-box-ideas-vintage-money-card-holder-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-vintage-money-card-holder-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20vintage%20money%20card%20holder%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-vintage-money-card-holder-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-vintage-money-card-holder-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

This is a perfect trunk representation of vintage weddings. The best materials are wood, cardstock, and vinyl because they are oldie-goodies. It also has faux leather straps and a swinging latch in front. You can as well customize it with your details. It will serve as a postcard and also double as a money wedding keepsakes trunk.

Buy here

4.  Plexiglass card holder

wedding card box ideas plexiglass card holder
wedding-card-box-ideas-plexiglass-card-holder-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-plexiglass-card-holder-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20plexiglass%20card%20holder" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-plexiglass-card-holder-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-plexiglass-card-holder-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

The plexiglass box is oh-so-beautiful and versatile. The acrylic plexiglass combo is perfect for a beach wedding. It can also double as a money holder box and very simple enough for a cake stand. After the wedding, it can form bedding for your succulents and plants or aquarium for your goldfish.

Buy here

5.  Wooden wedding card box

wedding card box ideas wooden card box
wedding-card-box-ideas-wooden-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-wooden-card-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20wooden%20card%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-wooden-card-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-wooden-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

A busta box is perfect for a traditional, rustic and boho wedding. It’s made out of wood, stain, and pain. It also has a lid which can be opened and closed. So there are hinges. This box will serve as a keepsake for treasured items and pictures after the wedding.

Buy here

6. Personalized rustic cards holder

wedding card box ideas personalized card box
wedding-card-box-ideas-personalized-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-personalized-card-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20personalized%20card%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-personalized-card-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-personalized-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

Make personalized rustic cardholder with your initials engraved on it. It also has a lock and this makes it relevant for after the wedding. All you need to make this are hinges, latch, cedar wood, and stain or spray paint. It can serve as a keepsake for the coming years.

Buy here

7. Unique wedding card box

wedding card box ideas unique card box
wedding-card-box-ideas-unique-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-unique-card-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20unique%20card%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-unique-card-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-unique-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

The personalized geometric card box is modern and versatile. You can have terrarium finishing in black, silver or copper. It’s made out of glass, wax, solder, and patina and it can take about 80 to 120 cards. This wedding gift card box ideas are perfect for a rustic and formal wedding.

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8. Geometric wedding envelope box

wedding card box ideas geometric box
wedding-card-box-ideas-geometric-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-geometric-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20geometric%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-geometric-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-geometric-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

For the techy or geeky couple, this is one that you’ll surely love. Made out of glass, copper, and foil, it has a half roof and can contain about 70 envelopes. It’s simple and you can have your details engraved. It can also serve as a terrarium for succulents after the wedding.

Buy here

9. Photo card box

wedding card box photo card box
wedding-card-box-photo-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-photo-card-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20photo%20card%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-photo-card-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-photo-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

This is one of the most exceptional ideas for the wedding card box. It’s made out of wood, picture frame and, a rotating base. You can have it custom made by choosing the picture, color of print and font style. As it rotates, guests can view all pictures while dropping cards.

Buy here

10. Creative wedding card box

wedding card box book themed card box
wedding-card-box-book-themed-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-book-themed-card-box-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20book%20themed%20card%20box" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-book-themed-card-box-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-book-themed-card-box-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

Unique wedding card box ideas don’t get better than this custom rustic card box. It’s perfect for vintage, rustic and laid back country weddings. They are also multipurpose as they serve as one of the most creative wedding money box ideas. It also comes in handy for putting wedding wishes.

Buy here

DIY Wedding Card Box Ideas

Learn how to make stunning DIY wedding cards holder ideas from cardstock to plywood and baskets materials like these samples.

1. DIY wedding card basket

Get a bushel basket and spray paint with your desired color. Take burlap cloth, measure it that it hangs over the edge of the basket. Hold at the bottom with fabric glue, then sew the outer edge over the top sides of the basket. Adhere some cards to indicate purpose.

2. DIY wedding box for cards

If you’re about DIY wedding card holder ideas, try out this affordable one. Cut out parts for different box sizes from cardstock. Piece them together according to sizes. Make slits at the bottom of smaller ones and stack them together using glue. This way, cards fall into the bigger bottom.

3. Vintage-themed card box

There’s nothing more old-world charm than a wedding box adorned with vintage wedding decorations. Buy varying size boxes and cut slits in the bottom and lids of small boxes which will be topmost. Cover the boxes perfectly in fabric and spray with fabric glue. Stack them together and accessorize.

4. Wedding card box with flowers

Looking for DIY wedding card box ideas? Try the flower box. Cut out and glue different parts of your potential box together. Do the lid with a card space for the gift. Get a plastic ornamental flower and adhere to the box. Embellish the edges with stones or gold dust.

5. Simple wedding card box tutorial

Cut up dowels for the width, length and connecting frames of the box. Assemble the widest, base and tallest parts of the frames on a flat surface and hold together with wood glue. Secure with brad nails clamps. Cover the box with plywood and make box lid with card hole.

What Should I Do With My Wedding Cards?

wedding card box ideas envelope with heart
wedding-card-box-ideas-envelope-with-heart-500x406.jpg', null)" data-vars-social-target=" -> wedding-card-box-ideas-envelope-with-heart-500x406.jpg" href=";=;=Best%20Wedding%20Card%20Box%20Ideas%20You%20Can%20Buy%20or%20DIY%20%E2%98%85%20wedding%20card%20box%20ideas%20envelope%20with%20heart" rel="nofollow" class="icon-pinterest pin-nd">Pin It wedding-card-box-ideas-envelope-with-heart-500x406.jpg" rel="nofollow" onclick="ga('send', 'social', 'Facebook', 'SC - Btn Click',' -> wedding-card-box-ideas-envelope-with-heart-500x406.jpg', null)" class="icon-facebook wwm_socialshare_imagewrapper facebook_custom">Facebook

You already have an album full of shower, engagement and wedding pictures. There’s no need to keep all those wedding cards as reminders and have them get ruined. So what do you do with them? Here are a few ideas.

  • Do a card collage

Cut cards into fancy circles using a punch and then attach them to the canvas. Howl in place using some mod podge. Hang up this canvas in a visible area of your home. A constant look at it is a reminder of some of the best days of your life.

  • Improvise into thank you notes

This is a way to let each guest have a piece of your cards. Cut out shapes and designs from your cards and adhere them to cardstock. Adorn it as you best think or just cut the card in half and use it as a postcard for thank you notes.

  • Go ornamental

Think up cute shapes such as hexagons, circles, hearts, crescents and more. Leave some space at the top to punch in a hole. Fix some ribbons through these holes and hang them on your tree or chandelier.

  • Make a wedding card booklet

Or you can just make them into a scrapbook.

The different creative wedding card box ideas we’ve compiled are modern, refreshing and ultra-beautiful. They make great places for guests to put their gifts if they don’t mail them. The most beautiful part is that you can buy these unique wedding card boxes at very affordable prices. And the others, you can absolutely DIY, then make them into something else after the wedding. See all your ideas for the wedding card box in this post and have a blast.

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