Best Way to Hire the Dulwich Hill Smash Repair Shop

Posted on the 22 March 2022 by Camperdown Collision Centres

You may have undergone a vehicle accident and you have escaped out of it unhurt. But, did you get a chance to assess your car? You need to get hold of the reliable Dulwich Hill smash repair shop to fix your car mechanically and cosmetically. You would not like to employ an unreliable mechanic and end up wasting money on the repairs and neither do you wish to get your car covered in cheap mismatches or flaky paint. You can use our guide to know the way to identify a renowned collision repair center for avoiding untrustworthy services.

Best way to hire the Dulwich Hill smash repair shop

The major concern when your car needs bodywork is the cost. The estimates out of the different auto body shops would be differing immensely but selecting the cheaper option might result in bad quality of the job. You can use the tips we have shared today that would help you in distinguishing between the shops. 


You can ask for recommendations from your friends, family as well as your acquaintances. They might have had a good experience with the collision repair shop and may even have a contact number. It will offer you a chance of finding the local businesses that might not be listed on the Internet today. The Small, family-owned shops are offering an experience allowing one-on-one access to people who are working on your car.

Location and Overhead

The cost of labor would be making up a healthy piece of the overall cost. The smash repair shop will be charging anywhere from about $40 an hour to $70 as it depends on the location. The official body shops will be having higher rates for supporting a larger front-office work staff. A few of the people may even feel comfortable in doing business in the office setting with the front-desk clerk with estimates that would be increasing on the basis of the overhead cost of the company. 

Shop for Estimates

You can take your car to several shops and ask for quotes in order to ensure that you are getting the best price you can at the auto repair center. It will be helping you in avoid getting overcharged. You can try finding a few lower estimates to check whether they can be considered to be bargained if there is a specific shop that you like. Keep in mind, that cheaper estimates are not the best option at all times.

Warranties and Insurance

You need to make sure that the collision repair center is offering a written warranty for their work and asking about the warranty details before agreeing upon anything. The warranty should be lasting for a year at the minimum. You need to consider the advertising techniques if you have heard about the places that offer lifetime warranties. The warranty would last technically a lifetime, however, the contracts will include a copious amount of stipulations and regulations. You should also be asking the repair center at carrying the fire and theft insurance in case the car is damaged, destroyed or stolen while being repaired.

Follow Your Intuition

Lastly, you need to trust what your guts tell you about every Dulwich Hill smash repair shop you consider and the employees you come across. The facility is surely disorganized and dirty as you can expect the sloppy bodywork. You can even take care in selecting the smash repair center to get to know the tips that will help you in your search. 

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