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Best Water Table For 1 Year Old Kids and Up 2018.

By Irene Ross
Best Water Table For 1 Year Old Kids and Up 2018.

Congratulations! He is now 1 year old...good job, let's talk about something you may not have thought of .....The best water table for 1 year old and above kids.

Before you start wondering where this is heading, let me brief you ...

A kid's water table is a sure way to help your baby start getting comfortable with water.

It's also a golden opportunity to venture into developing his early mortal skills and build team play.

Something else:

These gadgets have fun...REAL, RAW FUN and highly excite kids.

Now, whether you go for one of the simple water table kids or one of the feature-packed water table options, your baby will love your gesture...

Now, we are at par, so can we, therefore, sneak preview of the best kids water table?

Yes, we went out and about and narrowed down our choices to only the best water table for toddlers that are both safe and engaging...

Here, meet them....

Best Water Table For Kids Reviewed.

1. Step2 787800 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Table For Kids .

This is one of the more creative water table for kids.

The designers set it in a way that your kid will be splashing on the waters one moment and then bathing in the sand next minute...

It really captures your baby's attention

In total, he/she has 8 play kits- umbrella, bridges, boats, pots and a shovel.

Features Pros Cons Verdict

Without a doubt, this water and sand water table is one of the Best Toddler Water Table. He can play with the sand or splash around water.

This 8-piece water play kit promises and delivers tons of fun!

2. Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table.

Your toddler will love the cute little balls that accompany this. He will put them down the funnel then watch them go round the river lazily.

He can even squirt water playfully out of the ball.

It has 5 fun characters that help build their "put-and-take" and also early motor skills- a feature which has seen it being rated as one of the top learning water tables for toddlers.

  • Drop balls
  • Ferris wheel
  • 1 water cup, 5 fun round characters
Pros Cons
  • Sometimes the characters get trapped along the spiral.
  • A bit hard to clean

The fun characters and the drop balls help further boost your toddler's early motor skills and "put-and-take" skills

If he/she loves playing while in the bathtub, this could be a welcome gift.

3. Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Playset.

Here, your young one gets to build their own waterfalls!

He/she will keep rearranging the wonderful put-and-place maze pieces to create fresh waterfalls for extra fun...

And the playset has a unique rain shower effect which generates a 'real' rainfall sound, bring the whole splashing game to a whole new level.

Features Pros Cons
    Quite difficult to assemble

This is another quality option from our best water table for 1 year old shortlist.

It enables your toddler to get creative through creating own cascading waterfalls and generating a 'real' rainfall sound for extra enjoyment.

4. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Kids Water Table.

The waterfall game is very popular with water table for toddlers.

This is a 2-tiered water play table which enables kids to again experiment by building their own waterfall.

Optimized for outdoor play time, your children can invite their friends to go on a splish and splash spree even as they improve their critical fine motor skills.

Features Pros Cons
    Assembly is a bit involving- you need a power drill.

The Step2 Spill & Splash Water Table is a 2 tier waterfall adventure play and accommodates several children as they splash around and keep each other company.

It's so captivating; your baby will always look forward to next play time.

5. Little Tikes Fish 'N Splash Water Play Table.

For a change, why not let them hone their fishing skills in a fun and safe environment...

This brings an exciting angle to splash- empower your little fisherman by letting him catch and count tens of 'unlucky' little pond swimmers

Plus it packs lots of other extras to make life in the water fun

  • Fishing & counting play
  • Fish bowl
  • Launcher
  • Fishing pole, water cup, fishing net and 5 floating critters
Pros Cons Verdict

When looking for top rated water tables for toddlers, this fishing set will always feature...

It lets your budding fisherman practice his skills while providing a variety of other amusing activities in case he gets bored of his fishing expeditions.

6. Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table with Umbrella.

It's time to unleash the pirates! Protected by a cool umbrella, your preschool toddler will have hours of fun as he wreaks havoc all over the sea kingdom splashing and pouring...

This splish splash seas water table with umbrella is designed for exactly that. It also comes with accessories required to push his imagination higher and further build fine motor skills.

No wonder it's an ever-present in all our water table for kids reviews

  • Spin the water wheel carousel
  • Slide
  • Diving board
  • Hinged bucket
  • Elevated table height
  • 42″ (106.7 cm) umbrella
  • Useful accessories like a red spinner
Pros Cons
    Holds water so cleaning so cleaning takes more time

This splish splash seas water table has all the features and accessories to stretch his imagination and build fine motor skills.

It's built to bring pleasure and sensational fun to your preschool toddler. All the while, the durable umbrella ensures everything remains cool..

7. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table.

Physical activity and creative exercises are a healthy dosage for your kid- at least when you want to pull them from the TV

The Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water Table is an incredible pirate-themed water table that forces him/her get creative and get physically busy!

Whether he loves to Squirt water from its cannon, or to create currents using the spinner or just to splash away his day, this baby water table leaves him very happy.

  • Interactive Spinning features
  • Crows Nest
  • Water cannon
  • Steering wheel spins
  • Flexible anchor
  • One Shark, Two pirate characters, crossbones flag, Two Scoopers, One Cannon, One Bucket, Skull and One plastic intertube
Pros Cons
  • draining it completely requires more effort
  • A little expensive

This pirate-themed water table gives Kids lots of physical and mental activities.

They will be happy to squirt water from its cannon, or creating currents using the spinner. Even if they choose to just splash the day away, this is one of the exciting toddler water tables for a whole day of fun!

8. Step2 Big Splash Waterpark.

At a young age, kiddie likes spinning things...

Here, your baby can pour water downstream (the waterslide) or just have a fabulous time spinning the water wheel.

Furthermore, the water tower is loved by little tots - especially those who feel like fish and never want to leave the water.

Personally, this is one of the top-3 outdoor water table for toddlers

  • Waterslide
  • Water wheel
  • Drain plug
  • Toy swimmers
  • Accessory set: 2 figures, bucket, spinner, catapult board, tower, and a cup
  • Open area
Pros Cons
  • Tower loses it balance sometimes
  • The legs do not feel very sturdy

The step2 big splash waterpark water table delivers countless hours of splashing fun for baby.

Not only can they spin its water wheel, they are also guaranteed to find the water tower a major attraction whenever they decide to push merry-making a notch higher.

9. Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table.

Just like its cousin- the step2 playful sand & water table - the step2 cascading cove sand and water table lets your young help themselves to either sand castles or sail toy boats.

It has 2 halves- one holding sold while water is on the other half. In between, there is a roadway.

This water table for 1 year old is brightly colored and all action activity table for splashing or building fun.

  • 2 halves( for sand and for water)
  • Roadway
  • Drain plug
  • Umbrella
  • One-piece plastic cover
  • Elastic tie-downs (keep cover secured)
Pros Cons Verdict

This children's water table is an all-action play water table that delivers tonnes of sailing and building fun!

It has 2 halves- one for the sand, one for the water plus a separating roadway in between and as we said, it's one of the very best water and sand table

10. Splish Splash Seas Toddler Water Table.

When your mini sailors want to sail as a team, they will need a water table toddler which encourages team work.

The splish splash seas toddler water table is a fun-filled, team oriented kids water table with more terrific water-based features and a spacious play space- it helps your budding sailing gurus laugh and bond while developing their fine motor skills

This water play table has an Elevated table height- excellent for preschoolers and toddlers

  • Water wheel
  • Whirlpool spinner
  • Slide
  • Diving board
  • Elevated table height
  • Springboard
  • Easy-open drain plug
  • Hinged bucket
Pros Cons
    Not very easy to assemble

With an elevated height, more play space and a greater number of imaginative features, the splish splash seas toddler water table could as of yet prove to be the water table for babies that they have been craving for.

It's also marvelous in building their creativity and fine motor skills.

Buying Guide For The Best Water Table For 1 Year Old Kids.

With that out of the way, it's now time to enlighten you on the key features that transform a kids water table from just being an ordinary kids water table to one of the best water table for 1 year old

Here we go...

Some have more fun- for example, some will help your kid build sand castles and still splash water while others are just for pouring.

He should be having fun for long so, you will do well to avoid flimsy water table for babies. Find out in advance if it can hold up well when misused or if it's the sort that breaks up easily

Some are larger and have space for your toddler and his/her friends. So, if you want him to learn how to interact with others, co-operative play will be the way to go which means you require one of the spacious outdoor water table for toddlers

Ensure it has sufficient in-built safety controls otherwise, he/she may get an injury when playing- a very sad occurrence.

Remember he is very young at 1 year so the greater emphasis should be put on safety...luckily enough, most manufacturers are cognizant of this fact.

Kids like cute things. Therefore, a first step toward him loving it is to go for a water table that's colorful and generally beautiful.

If you want your baby to have fun, refine his motor skills and starting falling in love with water, get him/her the best water table for 1 year old and up.

This is just one of the things we have seen.

We also previewed some of the top scoring water tables for toddlers and I am sure you now got somewhere to start.

Otherwise factors like functionality, versatility, durability and sturdiness all matter when separating the wheat from chaff.

So, let's leave it there.

Do remember to leave a comment!

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