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Best Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

By Gfl

Handheld vacs are designed for light and quick jobs like cleaning your car or picking up spills from the kitchen floor. But if you buy the wrong model, you could be wasting your money. Some models struggle to pick up even a small bowl of cornflakes and that the battery may not lasts as long as the manufacturer claims. We prepared five tips on how to choose the best handheld model for your home.

1. What’s the battery life like?

The amount of cleaning time you actually get from your vac depends on which one goes for and what setting you choose. Some models claim to last for as long as 30 minutes, but this only applies if you are using a less powerful setting, which won’t give you as much suction. Using the setting that is more powerful, you could find the battery life is halved.

2. How long will it take to charge?

The cordless cleaners charging time ranges from 2 hours 45 minutes to over 13 hours. You have to consider how long it takes model to recharge fully unless you are planning to wait all day for the battery to charge. Some models equipped with a light indicator, which shows how much charge is left. Basic versions charge through a cord, while there are models with charging station.

3. Cordless or corded handheld cleaner?

Most of the handheld models are cordless. They are light and small enough to be taken everywhere around the house. Corded cleaners are good because they aren’t battery powered and have an unlimited running time. Corded handheld models can’t replace all useful functions of conventional corded cleaners though. Their short handles don’t allow to clean large floor areas.

Stick cordless cleaners are skinnier versions of push-along vacuums. They are also battery powered and are good for small cleaning jobs.

If the unlimited running time matters to you, don’t buy the cordless cleaner. But if you go for convenience, a cordless vacuum is a good choice.

4. How much does the vacuum weight?

Cordless handheld vacuums are created to bring convenience in an everyday cleaning routine. That’s why weight and size are essential factors. Many handheld vacs differ in weight starting from 0.6 kg and ending 2.3 kg. But the majority of models weight about 1.5kg.

If you have nothing against the heavy model, go for it. But if you look for lighter models, try picking up different vacs in the shop, because you may be surprised by the differences in size and weight.

5. How versatile is it?

It is important for handheld vac to be versatile. Additional attachments such as crevice tools, soft brushes, and bendable hoses can be handy for cleaning different surfaces and hard-to-reach places. Some handheld vacuum cleaners come with turbo brushes that are created to suck up pet hair more efficiently. Upholstery brushes are designed to remove debris from curtains and chairs.

When in the shop, try out each vac and its attachments on a range of various surfaces to make sure you will choose the flexible cleaner.

6 How much does it cost?

Handheld vacs ranging price from around 30 to around 200 pounds. Cheaper models tend to have more traditional Dustbuster-style design and fewer cleaning tools and attachments, but that doesn’t always mean they suck up less dirt and grime. In fact, you can find top performing hand vacuums under 50 pounds. You can decide on eureka handheld vacuum, which is just perfect option for just 40$.

7. Is it powerful?

Dust capacity is essential criteria to pay attention to. The higher is the dust capacity, the longer you won’t have to empty the dust bag. Due to their small sizes and light weight, vacuums are equipped with smaller dust capacity than other cleaners. Average dust capacity of such vacuums is around 0.5 liters, while conventional vacuums can hold up to 5 liters of dust.

If you are in search of lightweight cordless cleaner handheld vac is for you. Mind the choosing criteria, which is crucial for you and get the vacuum for convenient usage.

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