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Best Three Italian Locations to Live

By Ripleydaniels @mikesobol

Italy is a diverse area steeped in culture, history, and an array of beautiful scenery. From the water front area of the Amalfi coast to the bustling city of Rome, many different experiences can be had living in Italy, so it is important to understand which is the best fit before searching for a place to stay in Italy.

Amalfi Coast

Located in Southern Italy, this coastal area is own for its Limoncello and the pastel painted homes that populate the coastal mountain area. The mix of mountains and beach create for a striking contrast of natural beauty that would be an ideal fit for those who enjoy spending time surrounded by natural beauty. Deciding to stay on the Amalfi coast does come with a few different options. Water lovers can find rentals directly on the beach while those looking for a more secluded stay can hide out in tiny mountain villages. Breath-taking cathedrals, vineyards, palaces, and beaches are among the most popular features of the area. Do some exploring beforehand through free iOS and Android apps such as the complete Amalfi Coast.Come.Stay.Live.Enjoy. or the Amalfi Coast app which offers information about landmarks as well as everyday destinations such as post offices and pharmacies.


The capital city is home to famous landmarks and a busy city life that many visitors thrive on. If coming to Italy means nonstop action then staying in Rome is the obvious choice. Waking up every day only steps away from historical ruins such as the Coliseum allows for the full experience of living the Roman life. There is no need to worry about the absence of green spaces, as Rome is home to many parks. Also, the central location of Rome makes for easy travel to other parts of Italy, but with an ideally situated home base in the ever-bustling city. Museums, performing arts, historical sites, archeological treasures, and a religious hub create an almost endless array of options for exploration and daily excursions. Tap into free iOS and Android apps such as Rome City Travel Guide, Rome Map and Walking Tours, and Rome Side Trips to get the most out of each day in this famous city.


Another option for lovers of city life is Florence. Florence is best known for its active position during the Renaissance period, and has an overwhelming appeal to art lovers. Chianti is a distinctive product of this region, produced in Tuscany and many find these vineyards exceptionally beautiful. Free apps for iOS and Android such as Explore Florence, Florence City Travel Guide, and Florence Offline Street Map give visitors and locals helpful tools for getting around the city. It is also important to note that high speed trains connect Florence to Rome, so there is no shortage of cultural exposure when living in Florence.

If choosing is simply too hard, opt for short term rentals so that a variety of areas can be explored. In any area, talk to the locals and soak up the entire experience from the sights to the delicious tastes and tempting smells.

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