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Best Tennis Team Names – Ever!

By Kselz @TennisFixation

Best Tennis Team NamesOne of the most popular Tennis Fixation posts continues to be What Our Tennis Team Needs Is . . .  A Cool Name!  Even though that post was written nearly four years ago, people still visit it often, looking for the name that will perfectly encapsulate what their team is all about.  Well, I have continued to collect names since then and many of you have commented and sent me some really great ones.  So I thought it was time to put together a new and improved list of the best tennis team names ever. Something like “The Ultimate Guide to the Best Tennis Team Names.” So, I’m taking the best of the old list and combining it with some of the great new additions I have to make a sort of Ultimate Guide To The Best Tennis Team Names – Ever!  And here we go . . .

TENNIS SPECIFIC NAMES – These are names that are obviously for a tennis team (vs. any other sports team):

Aces, Acers, Ad-Ins, Alley Cats, Alley Gators, Backhanded Compliments, Come Back Girls, Court Jesters, Dare Doubles, Double The Fun, Double Trouble, Hot Drops, Hot Shots, In Crowd, Love Hurts, Love Stinks, Match Makers, Mid-Court Crisis, Net Nuts, Net Prophets, Net Setters, No Faults, Poachers, Queens of the Court, Racqueteers, Racquettes, Slammers, Shot Girls, Slice Girls, Smash Girls, Super Shots, Sweet Shots, Sweet Spots, Tennis Addicts, Tennis Angels, Topspinners, Volley Girls

VERY CLEVER NAMES - People got really creative with these names:

Ace Bandages, Ball Busters (if you’re brave enough to use it), Banger Sisters, Called To Serve, Casual Sets (think about it), Double Shots (I’m reading this as alcohol-related but maybe that’s just me.), Drop Shots, Full Metal Racquets (love it!), Good Gets, Got Its, Grand Slammers, High Fives, Hit and Run, Kiss My Ace (you better have a good team if you pick with this name), Match Points, Miss Hits, Net Assets, Racquet Scientists (very clever), Scared Hitless (while I love this one, I probably wouldn’t pick it, too loser-y), Serves You Right, Serve-Aces (get it? like “cervezas”), Servivors, Sets In The City (old but clever), Simply Smashing, String Courtets, Terminetters, Tightly Strung, Whaqued (I love that one!)


Chargers, Double The Fun, Dream Team, Fine Whines, Jammers, Laser Shots, Pure Insanity (I know no one will use this but I like it), Victorious Secret, Violet Offenders (you wear purple – get it?)

What’s your team’s name?  Please add to the list! Just leave your comment below with your own clever tennis team name so we can create the Ultimate Best Tennis Teams Ever list!

Happy Tennis!


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By Christa Nonnemaker
posted on 16 March at 04:28

Networkers, Shore Shots (for those who live near lake or ocean), iAce, Ace Kickers, Play 4 Love, You've Been Served and for mixed doubles: Mix-N-Match, Guys and Dolls