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Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Vortec – Expert Review and Guide

By Kencoul

You've got a strong gas engine, but to make that gas engine work the way the manufacturer wanted it, you have to ensure that its components are working fine. And one of the most important parts is the spark plug. It's instrumental in the combustion process. Needless to say, without a properly functioning plug, you aren't just looking at a lack of performance but also fuel efficiency. So if the spark plug's not alright, the effects can be drastic - from a slower truck to one that guzzles fuel without going anywhere. The engine won't be smooth either - and might leave you with a long bill.

So to save yourself from all that, when the time comes to switch your vehicle's spark plugs, don't take too long to decide and act. We've got a list of solid choices for the best spark plugs for 5.7 Vortec, and this should help you in picking one/set that fits your needs perfectly.

Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Vortec – Expert Review and Guide

Among consumer-grade spark plugs, Iridium ones sit comfortably at the top thanks to their easy ignitability, long life, and perceivable improvement in overall performance. Due to this, these are slightly more expensive than your regular plugs, but we feel that the difference in the price is worth it compared to the improvements a plug like NGK Laser brings. This one is a pack of eight, which makes life easier if you're looking at replacing the plugs in your 5.7 Vortec V8 motor.

Longer life, improved performance

The plug has a 14 mm thread, has a copper core (good heat conduction), a spark plug reach of 0.708 inches, and a wrench requirement of 5/8 inches. It's a laser-welded plug (lasers are used for precise welding), which means, in the absence of excess debris, it requires less voltage to bridge the spark gap. Furthering its abilities is the iridium disc that's welded to the central electrode while a platinum disc is welded to the ground one. They add longer life and reduce the wear rate, mentions NGK. In terms of compatibility, it can be used in a lot of 5.7 Vortec engined Chevrolet vehicles including the Camaro, Corvette, Express, Tahoe, C1500, C2500, C3500, K1500, K2500, K3500, etc.

It's a top-drawer spark plug, and if you're okay with spending a little extra, we'd suggest sticking to Iridium plugs. Not just for the improved performance but also for the overall life. If it's difficult to access the plugs in your vehicle, a longer-lasting plug is always going to make life easier, and more cost-effective, as well - especially if you have to pop into a local shop to get the replacement done. Drop the seller a message about compatibility and warranty before making the purchase.

The ACDelco Professional Conventional Spark Plug is, as the name suggests, a conventional, stock replacement plug. It means while you might not get Iridium/Platinum levels of long lift/performance, you'll still get a decent plug at a fraction of the cost. To make it even more appealing, it's backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty as well.

Long lift and consistent performance

It's got a black Onyx coating that takes care of the corrosion, a copper core that ensures heat transfer is done well, nickel-chrome alloy that prevents corrosion on the central electrode, and a ribbed suppressor seal that helps prevent misfires. It's also got a hot-tip insulator responsible for longer life and consistent performance.

The plug is available with a 14 mm thread size, a tapered seat, and is compatible with various 5.7 Vortec engined vehicles like the Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Pontiac GTO, and Firebird, among other cars.

You'll need to send the seller a message to check if your vehicle is compatible - mention the model and year of your 5.7 Vortec engined model. The warranty info about the model is absent from the listing, so please confirm that as well.

With the ACDelco 6 Professional Rapidfire spark plug, you can replace the existing spark plugs on your 5.7 Vortec and not only bring it back to its former self but also slightly improve the performance as well. The platinum spark plugs are also bound to last longer and are backed by a 3-year limited warranty along with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Expected life of 50,000+ miles

It has a 14 mm thread, gets a ribless insulator; a platinum center electrode and platinum pad, both of which ensure easier ignitability, improves firing efficiency; and an expected life of 50,000 miles or more. The plug is gapped to the engine's original specifications, and in comparison to regular spark plugs, offers an improved response, smoother idle, better corrosion resistance, and longer life. Its solid-state suppressor regulates spark energy, minimizes radio interference, while the copper core conducts heat quickly.

It's certainly a step above the regular replacement spark plugs. Having platinum on the electrode means it requires less effort for ignition, lasts longer, and will prove to be a better investment than a conventional plug. Users are happy with the item, and given that ACDelco makes OEM products, it's easy to see why this one would be a solid choice. It's compatible with a variety of engines, including the 5.7 Vortec. Drop the seller a line about your vehicle along with details like the model year to check the compatibility.

Platinum spark plugs are less expensive than the Iridium ones but are slightly more expensive than the regular plugs. But this intermediate nature goes beyond the pricing. Platinum plugs offer more in terms of ignitability, corrosion resistance, and life. That's why spending that little extra makes a lot of sense. The NGK G-Power spark plug here is available in a pack of six, but while that means you'd need to get two additional plugs individually (link to single-piece pack at the end of the description), this helps you save a fair bit. That essentially brings the price down considerably.

Copper core, platinum electrode

The NGK G-Power spark plug comes with a 14 mm thread, has a pure-platinum electrode, which helps in better starts, improved acceleration, and fuel economy. It also remains unchanged over the course of its use and continues to deliver optimum performance year after year. The core is made of copper - that conducts heat quickly - whereas the tip is platinum. It has a thread size of 14 mm and uses a 5/8 inch wrench. It's compatible with a variety of engines, but if you're looking at the 5.7 Vortec engines, the spark plug can be used in vehicles like the C1500, C2500, C3500, K1500, K2500, K3500, Impala, Camaro, Caprice, Express, etc.

The NGK G-Power looks like a great choice if you're looking for a stock replacement but want to switch to platinum spark plugs. Drop the seller a message about compatibility and warranty. Users appreciate that the NGK units come gapped from the factory, offer a smooth idle and increase in performance, and don't cost a lot, either.

NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug Single unit:

Bosch offers a wide range of spark plugs, and we've picked the middle-ground for you here. The Bosch Double Platinum spark plug offers long life, fairly decent pricing, and works well as a stock replacement plug. Another thing that helps it stand tall among similarly priced models is a 5-year performance-satisfaction guarantee. This is a four-pack, but you can also choose between a one-piece pack and one that has 10 spark plugs. Since you've got a 5.7 Vortec V8 engine in your vehicle, you'll be required to order two of these.

The laser-welded platinum ground electrode is said to offer three times as long service life, in comparison to a regular spark plug. The core electrode is made up of copper, so it's got good heat conduction and an ability to resist pre-ignition. It's also got a nickel-plated shell, which along with roller threads, offers anti-seize and protection against corrosion. It's also pre-gapped, so it works well as direct stock-replacement. It also has a longer service life, and with the fine wire design of the central electrode, it offers great ignitability and overall performance.

You'd need to drop the seller a message about the compatibility (it's got a wide range of supported cars and trucks), and don't forget to specify which 5.7 Vortec vehicle you're driving along with the model year and other specifications. Bosch says that it covers the product for the entire duration of the manufacturer's recommended spark-plug-change interval. Do confirm with the seller about this.

What are the best spark plugs for 5.7 Vortec?

Choosing a spark plug based on the brand and user reviews might seem like a logical choice, but before going any further, let's prioritize a few things. If you're looking at doing it at home, a pre-gapped plug (confirm with the seller before making a purchase) makes more sense. If replacing the plugs isn't an easy task, due to the placement of plugs, and you're already heading to the local mechanic to get that done, it's best to choose plugs that last longer. Iridium ones are the best choice, but they're also slightly more expensive. Platinum ones prove to be the best intermediate solutions, though.

If you're looking for a no-nonsense, stock replacement, then there's no harm in going for the ACDelco Conventional spark plugs . It won't set you back by a huge amount but will offer you a shorter life than an Iridium or Platinum choice. The ACDelco Rapidfire ones are a good upgrade, or you can also look at the NGK G-Power Platinum plugs . These are great value choices, along with the Bosch Double Platinum , which offers up to three times longer service life than regular, conventional plugs. But if you don't mind spending a little extra, it's hard to not recommend the NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs .

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