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Best Sleeping Bags, Pads & Liners For Every Occasion

By Monkeys And Mountains Adventure @Laurel_Robbins

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Looking for the best sleeping bag, pad or liner for your hiking needs? These recommendations will have you covered for your next trip.

Best Sleeping Bags, Pads & Liners For Every Occasion

Backpacking is one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have, especially for outdoor enthusiasts that are looking to get closer to nature. There are a few important things that you need to carry with you, including a good lightweight sleeping bag and a sleeping bag liner.

Keep in mind that there aren't really sleeping bags that will give you everything you want. Some will be lightweight but won't offer you much warmth in cold conditions, others are comfortable but heavy. So it is always good to first consider your usual backpacking weather conditions and your personal needs before making a choice. The same can be said for sleeping pads and liners. Choosing one that best suits your needs doesn't have to be complicated though. Here are some of our favourites.

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Backpacking Three-Season Sleeping Bags

The name is self-explanatory with this one. The three-season sleeping bag is one of the most popular categories out there as it is the most versatile when it comes to weather conditions. Most three-season sleeping bags will allow you to comfortably get through the night in early spring to late autumn and milder winter nights. They are not usually recommended for very cold weather conditions though unless you know how to layer appropriately.

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Winter Sleeping Bags

If you are an avid winter hiker that loves backpacking in the harshest winter weather, the winter sleeping bag is what you must have. This is the choice for most mountaineering adventures like alpine expeditions and Mount Everest base camp. These sleeping bags are not always lightweight or compact, but they are a must to keep you warm during those harsh nights.

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Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bags

This is the perfect choice for long and strenuous hikes where you want to make your pack as light as possible. These ultra lightweight sleeping bags are exactly what you need if you will be hiking hard and fast. These brands each have a very different function paired with excellent weight. But again you will have to consider what personal needs you have when backpacking.

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Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads are great to use if you need more padding and ground insulation. You won't always find very comfortable sleeping bags, especially lightweight sleeping bags that don't offer much cushioning.

Sleeping pads ensure that you have a comfortable layer between the ground and your body so you don't have to feel every bump on the ground. It also gives you some extra heat insulation so should definitely be used in colder weather.

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Sleeping Bag Liners

I would highly recommend always having a sleeping liner when backpacking. Besides being great against the elements as it adds warmth to your sleeping bag, it is also really important for general hygiene. You can think of the liner as a bed sheet for your sleeping bag.

Especially if you have a down sleeping bag, washing it can be difficult. And when you are on a long hike, you'll be sleeping each night in the same sleeping bag. A sleeping bag liner is usually easier to wash, even during your hike and dries quickly. They are quite lightweight and easy to pack and should always have a place in your backpack.

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Now that you know what you should be looking for in a lightweight sleeping bag, pad and liner, you can go out there and have the best backpacking experience.

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