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Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD

By Kencoul

If you happen to have a Dodge Ram 1500 2WD, there's one sure way of adding more functionality to the vehicle - new shocks. Do you want your 2WD truck to ride better, handle better, or just not crash at every bump/road undulation? Shocks are the answer. Let's look at the possible choices for the best shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD.

Available as individual units, the Bilstein B6 shock for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD is a direct-fit stock replacement. It can be fitted to trucks with stock height. Also available as a front fitment, the model mentioned here is for the rear side of 2009 - 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks. Made for light trucks, vans, and SUVs, the Bilstein B6 shocks offer a stable and supple ride, while not disappointing those looking for improved handling on their trucks.

Improved handling and stability

According to Bilstein, the B6 shock for Dodge Ram/Ram 1500 improves the handling characteristics, offers better safety and performance with OE springs, and ups the stability as well. The upside-down shock is backed by Bilstein's Twin Tube technology (two working chambers) and matches the OE quality.

Bilstein is a well-known brand, and the B6 is a part of that success. Users appreciate the easy ride quality of their trucks after the installation. The Amazon listing doesn't have information about a warranty (Bilstein offers a limited lifetime warranty on some of the products), so it's a good idea to send the seller a quick message before buying these.

The specialty of the Monroe Load-Adjusting Shock Absorber for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD lies in the way in which it adapts to changing road conditions. And more importantly, Monroe claims that the particular model can handle up to 1,100 pounds of additional weight without letting it affect the ride height of the vehicle.

The shock absorber has an all-weather fluid, full-displaced valving that helps it modify its characteristics depending on the driving conditions, and a fluon-banded piston for improved control and durability. It's gas-charged, which means the tire-to-road contact is pretty consistent, and since it is sold as a pair, you don't have to add multiple items to your cart and worry about compatibility.

In terms of compatibility, this rear Monroe shock absorber for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD is made for the Dodge Ram 1500 trucks made with the model year 2002 - 2008. Monroe mentions a lifetime warranty on its product, but because of the limited information on the Amazon listing, we'd suggest you check with the seller about that and regarding the compatibility of the product.

As a replacement on a stock truck, the Monroe shocks look great. The users are generally happy with the way these perform as well. The only small caveat with the shocks, as pointed out by some users, is that if you have a substantial lift on the truck, this particular set of shocks might not work as intended. Some have also mentioned a possible spring noise, and unsettled high-speed ride on rough roads.

Priced slightly lower than the Bilstein is the KYB shock for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD trucks. It boasts up to 25 percent more damping performance over factory shocks. Like the above-mentioned set of shocks, it also reacts to the change in driving/load conditions and adjusts automatically. KYB also says that because of the shock absorber's monotube design, it offers a fade-free performance, and is, more importantly, quicker to react to changes/performance needs.

Enables use of larger wheels

Apart from the improvements in handling, steering response, and stability, the Gas-a-Just shocks also enable the use of larger tires and wheels. Its multi-lip oil seal is made to last long, and the chrome piston rod further reduces seal wear. So, apart from the above-mentioned benefits, it's bound to last long.

It's compatible with a variety of Dodge Ram 1500 versions, with the model years 2002 - 2019 (Classic), but keep in mind that both the 4WD versions and the 2WD/RWD variants are included. So make a point to check with the seller if it'll fit your truck; the shock here is for use at the rear only.

One benefit common to most users is the better ride quality on the KYB shocks for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD. The fact that the shocks are priced lower than some of the rivals makes the deal even sweeter. And it doesn't just end there; the KYB Gas-a-Just is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Looking to replace the factory shocks/bad shocks on your Dodge Ram/Ram 1500 2WD truck, but don't want to break the bank while doing so? The Maxorber Full Set of shock absorbers has you covered. Made for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD trucks with the model years 2002 - 2008, the Maxorber is a set of four shocks.

Chromed piston rod for smoother operation

The nitrogen-gas-charged shocks are said to restore your truck's handling balance. These come with Japanese multi-lip oil seals and a chromed piston rod for a better life and smoother operation. Rust protection is present on the outside, whereas there's also a Teflon coating on the piston for a positive cylinder seal.

At a price only slightly higher than that of an individual shock absorber, the Maxorber is a set of four. That means it's a cost-effective replacement. It's unlikely to work on vehicles with lift kits, so keep that in mind while ordering it. Also, there's no warranty information available on the Amazon listing, so drop the seller a message regarding that.

RANCHO RS55281 Shock Absorber

Rancho makes some excellent products for off-road vehicles, but how can it benefit the 2WD Ram 1500 pickup? While your truck, without a 4WD system, won't win any competitions off the road, but it can still tackle rough roads. And the Rancho RS5000X is a sure-shot way of enhancing its performance there.

Protective boot and rebound bumper

And there are a lot of ways how the Rancho can prove its heavy-duty credentials. To start with, it comes with double-welded loops for excellent durability. Unlike most other shocks here, it comes with a protective boot, keeping the shock as well as the oil seal safe. It also gets a rebound bumper, which makes driving your truck on harsh terrain an easy task - and minimizes damage to the shock itself.

It's a gas-charged shock with a twin-tube body and comes with all-weather fluid. The tuned compression control valve and progressive engagement valving make sure that the shock is ready to take on anything difficult roads throw at your truck.

The Rancho is backed by a lifetime warranty (but the seller hasn't included any info; so check before buying) and is compatible with Dodge Ram/Ram 1500 trucks with front-wheel drive made with the model years 2002 - 2008. It's said to improve both the way your truck rides over bad terrain as well as the way it handles.

What is the best shock for Dodge Ram 1500 2WD?

If you're planning to replace your truck's old, worn-out shocks, we have some great options for you. If you're looking at a simple stock replacement, the Maxorber set seems like the right choice, especially since it's inexpensive. also makes for an excellent choice in that regard. The Bilstein B6 enhances the on-road drive and comes with Bilstein's expertise in making good-quality shocks. The offers a monotube design and is available at a similar price. And if you're looking at tackling bad roads, it's hard to not look at the Rancho RS5000X . It's a heavy-duty product and is said to improve both ride and handling on the rough roads.

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