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Best Rated Mattress for Teenagers in 2020: Top Products

By Richard Morse @insidebedroom

Teenagers in 2020 want the best of everything: the best trainers, the best phone, best laptop, and best footwear.

So why not get them the best bed!

Teenagers have a lot to handle in this modern world, not the least of which is their changing bodies. This is a very important time for young people with raging hormones, having to keep up with their friends and using the correct social media sites. It is extremely important that they have the correct mattress to accommodate their changing bodies.

Not just the correct type of mattress, but also the correct size of the mattress. A twin might seem OK when they are younger, but growing teenagers need something more substantial: a twin XL or even a full XL provides adequate support while accommodating a growing body: from early teens to full adulthood.

We shall first present our 5 best rated mattresses for teenagers in 2020, then a Buyer's Guide to help you make your choice. We shall be using the Twin XL size as our standard, or the Full where that is nor available.

*: 'Full' size reviewed: Twin XL unavailable

CertiPUR-US: You will find this certification on most of the mattresses we review. This means that the foam used in the construction of the mattress is free from VOCs, heavy metals, toxic fire retardants, and ozone depleters. In other words, it is safe for your family to sleep on.

Best Mattress for Teenagers Table of Contents

1. Tuft & Needle Mattress, Twin XL with T&N Adaptive Foam (Top Choice)

The Tuft & Needle Twin XL mattress is manufactured using an 'adaptive foam'. This type of foam is claimed to be more advanced than standard memory foam in that it does not make you hot when sleeping, nor does it give you that 'trapped' feeling that you can get with some memory foams. It helps maintain a good posture when the teenager is sleeping - and also growing!

Best Rated Mattress for Teenagers in 2020: Top Products

This type of foam provides excellent support for pressure points, which is important for teenagers as they grow, This is a 'medium' hardness mattress, ideal for holding the growing weight of teenagers as they develop into adults. It offers the localized bounce young people often need as they lie on their bed with their Xbox, or using their laptop to check out Snapchat or Facebook.

Editor's Notes: Tuft & Needle is a fairly new American company who makes its own mattresses. This is an ideal mattress for teenagers because it helps keep them cool at night, while offering good support and bounce. A good sleeping posture is essential as young people grow. We are reviewing the Twin XL because it is longer than the twin. Some might even prefer the Queen size which is wider, though the Twin XL is wide enough for teenagers. We considered the Full XL, although not all manufacturers offer that size.

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2. Best Price Mattress: 10-inch Memory Foam (Popular)

This 8-inch thick mattress comprises 3 inches of regular memory foam, 2 inches of pressure relief comfort foam and 5 inches of a high density support foam. The various layers may appear thin, but when combines into an 8-inch thick mattress, it offers superb comfort and excellent support for a growing teenage body. It also has a poly jacquard fabric cover.

The pressure release comfort foam does what it says it does: it not only helps relieve pressure on your pressure point, but it also helps keep your teenager cool when sleeping.

By 'cool' we mean cool in the temperature sense, not in the 'with it' sense. However, this mattress is 'with it' in terms of teenage sensibilities. It certainly provides anybody, not just a teenager, with deep and refreshing sleep.

Editor's Notes: We have reviewed the 10-inch Full mattress - again this is not available in the ideal Twin XL size. It is also available in Twin if your teen's bedroom is too small for a Full size mattress. Much depends on the size of the bed frame or platform. It is also available in Queen and King. The 10-inch Full size is also available where you get an extra two inches of memory foam. The Twin 10-inch mattress differs from the Full above only in dimensions.

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3. LinenSpa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress (Popular)

Although just 8-inches thick, this LinenSpa mattress punches way above its weight. A lot has got to do with its construction. The top of the mattress is a cozy feeling quilted memory foam with a 1.5 inch layer of foam beneath it. This helps to ease pressure on the shoulders, back, hips and other pressure points. Beneath that is a felt pad insulating the mattress from the steel coils that offer the main support and traditional bounce.

You can see what's inside the mattress.

Check how does it look from side and close view.

Editor's Notes: This combination of modern and traditional mattress technology combines the best of the two eras to come up with a mattress for teenagers that offers comfort, support and bounce. Your kids don't fall onto this mattress and get stuck there - they bounce and can use the mattress as a platform for gaming or networking.

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4. Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Top Seller)

This mattress is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King size only, but is so appropriate for a teenager that we have included it here with the 12" Full size as an example. This is a 12-inch memory foam mattress comprising a 3.5 inch top memory foam later over 8.5 inches of dense support foam.

The 3.5" thickness of the memory foam layer is sufficient to provide the full memory foam experience. Most people like this, but there are those that don't.

The high-density foam support base prevents your teenager from disappearing into the 12 inches of foam. He or she is provided with a comfortable top sleeping layer, and the support they need to keep their body shape stable throughout the night. This is important for growing teenagers.

Editor's Notes: This is an excellent mattress for teenagers in 2020. It combines the best of two options: a good thickness of memory foam and a high density latex. The combination of the top memory foam layer and the lower high density layer offers good support for the pressure points and the whole body. The memory foam molds round the body, while the support layer supports the whole weight. The shoulders, hips and knees are not supporting the body by themselves - that would cause sagging of the lower back and corresponding back pain.

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5. Englander Finale 10-Inch Innerspring Mattress

The main support layer of this mattress is a traditional innerspring construction. Above that lies 1.5-inch layer of foam beneath a layer of memory foam quilted into a comfortable top layer fabric mattress cover. The foam helps to reduce pressure on your pressure points for a more comfortable sleep.

The innerspring layer of steel coils provides a strong inner core. While the soft layers above it offer comfort, the innerspring core provides the stable sleeping base that young teenagers need. Particularly those that use their bed for more than just sleeping on.

It also provides 3 Zonel support:

Editor's Notes: Although this is a good mattress for teenagers, it is fifth in out lists or two reasons: 1) The comfort layers are thin in comparison with those reviewed above it, and 2) The warranty leaves much to be desired. It is inferred that even the slightest stain on the cover will render the warranty invalid. However, it deserves its position on this review of the best rated mattress for teenagers in 2020 because it suits teenagers' needs very well.

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Buyers Guide to the Best Rated Mattress for Teenagers

Why specifically teenagers? What's so special about that age group that they need specific types of mattresses to sleep on? We were all a teen at one stage in our lives (usually our teenage years!) so it shouldn't confuse you that they expect specific attention! Most of them think they have it tough, and while they had it a lot less tough than their parents at that time of their lives, there are certain aspects of teenage life that need special attention.

It is during the early teens that most growth spurts take place. It should be no surprise, then, that it is around this time that teenagers are pushing their parents for a new bed - or at least a new mattress. In addition to the spurt in growth, and hence in height, many teenagers also suffer growing pains. These are physical pains that can be very distressing to some teens.

This means two things:
  • Your teenage will likely become longer (more height = more length in bed) and,
  • He or she may need a more comfortable surface to sleep on due to the pains that rapid growth can cause.

Just one of these symptoms of teenage growth can mean that you will to put your hand in your pocket for a new bed - or at least a new mattress. So what type of mattress should be considering?

Memory foam, and to a lesser extent, latex, are good for easing the aches and pains of the teenage years. However, a solid base is also good for supporting their growing young bodies. So an innerspring or high density foam mattress with softer memory foam or adaptive foam top layer would be ideal for them. You get the combination of the support growing young adults to need with the comfortable pressure point support that memory foam can provide.

A teenager needs roughly 8 - 10 hours of sleep each night. You may not believe this when your teen is reluctant to go to bed, or even comes home so late that it is practically morning! However, it is true - and if your son or daughter has a comfortable bed to get into then they will be more likely to get the recommended level of sleep than if their mattress was old and uncomfortable.

Optimum Teenage Mattress Size

So what size of mattress should you purchase? Unless you are also purchasing a new bed, the choice is limited to the size of the bed itself. You can't fit a Full size mattress into a Twin base. That said, the following sizes are best for teenagers.

Twin: A Twin bed is so named because it would be one of two beds located in a bedroom as a pair. That could be in a guest room or a child's room - maybe you have twins or two children with only a year or so between them. The standard dimensions of a Twin bed (and hence a Twin mattress) is 38 x 75 inches (gave or take an inch in width) and for a Twin XL is 38 x 80 inches.

The Twin XL is the ideal size of the mattress for a teenager since its length is sufficient to accommodate a growing teenager. Trouble is, many manufacturers do not offer the Twin XL size, in which case the next in size is the Full XL.

The Full XL is likely your best bet. This is 53 x 80 inches. So you get the length you need plus 15 inches more in width. If your teen's bedroom is large enough for a bed this size, you will not hear them complaining!

Best Mattress Firmness for a Teenager

How firm should a teenager's mattress be? A lot depends on their sleeping position. A child's sleeping position will have been established early in their lives, and you will likely be aware of this. The most significant aspect relating to the sleeping position is the position of the spine.

The spine has a natural shape when viewed sideways from neck to tail. When viewed straight on, it is dead center straight. So, front and back sleepers should have a mattress that supports this natural S shape as viewed from the side. Side sleepers should have even support to keep their spine straight, again when viewed from the side.

Stomach Sleepers: A firm mattress will support the sleepers belly and chest and prevent the spine from curving downwards from the chest and lower abdomen. Stomach sleepers should not sink into the mattress.

Back Sleepers: Any comfortable mattress that provides support for the small of the back is good for back sleepers. It's important that the small of the back, between the buttocks and the upper back, is supported, again to maintain that natural S curve. Lumbar support is the most important factor here. Memory foam can offer this type of support.

Side Sleepers: Most side sleepers lie on their arm. A soft to medium memory foam mattress will fold around the arm supporting it, but will also be supporting your side. Side sleepers are not forcing their spine into an unnatural shape, and all that is needed here is support for the arm you are sleeping on. Memory foam is perfect for this.

Best Rated Mattress for Teenagers: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we have been asked relating to the best mattresses for teenagers.


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