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Best Non-Tennis Apps For Tennis Players

By Kselz @TennisFixation

Best Non-Tennis Apps For Tennis PlayersI’ve got some great tennis apps on my iPhone.  Some of them provide me with tips and techniques to improve my game.  Some of them help me follow what’s happening with the pros.  One of them even gives me a handy way to access the rules if for some reason I don’t have my tennis rule book (which I always have).

But I’ve also got some great “non-tennis” apps that I think help my game too.  Because a big part of my “winning” tennis strategy is being in good enough physical shape to outlast any opponent I come up against, these non-tennis apps help me stay as “fit to hit” as I can be.

RunKeeper – RunKeeper is one of my absolute favorite apps because it tracks the distance I run (or walk or bicycle or whatever) no matter what route I take.  I like to keep track of my mileage and, before RunKeeper, this meant I had a limited number of running routes because I only knew the mileage on a few.  But with RunKeeper, I can step out my door and just start running, no route needed, because RunKeeper is constantly tracking my distance by GPS.  I’ve customized the friendly RunKeeper voice to tell me my mileage, my time and my pace and have selected my “Running” playlist to play in the background.  RunKeeper also allows me to upload my workouts to its site so I can track them over time and compare them with my RunKeeper friends.  The only way this app could get better is if it would go out and do the runs for me.  Available for iPhone or Android.

Fitocracy – Looking for a new place to socialize?  Check out Fitocracy – the Fitness Social Network.  This app not only tracks your workouts (syncing with RunKeeper for example, thank you very much), but connects you with other like-minded workout friends who encourage you to achieve your fitness goals.  Plus, you can earn badges for completing workout challenges.  And who doesn’t want badges?  You can even find a group of tennis lovers cheering each other on set by set by set.  Available for iPhone or Android.

Nike Training Club – Wanna work out with Serena Williams?  Well, you can get pretty darn close if you download her Core Power Workout on the Nike Training Club app.  This app provides you with killer full-body 30 to 45 minute workouts and lets you earn your way to some incredible bonus workouts with star athletes like Serena.  You pick the workout, you pick your playlist and then you go.  Video demonstrations are available making it easy to follow along.  And all of the trainers and superstar athletes are outfitted in the latest Nike gear so everyone looks fabulous as they’re sweating.  As I always do.  Available for iPhone or Android.

• Podrunner – This has been a long-time favorite of mine.  I absolutely have to have my tunes to be able to run.  The genius of Podrunner is that not only does it provide you with heart pumping music to get you through your next workout.  Whether you are looking for a mix at a brisk 135 bpm walk pace or a mix to get you through a speedy 170 bpm run, Podrunner has the playlists you’ll love to listen to again and again.

Evernote – Am I the last person to learn about Evernote?  I thought it was just one more note-taking app that I didn’t need. But this is the most fantastic note-taking app ever because it syncs across ALL of my devices.  I always take notes after my tennis matches and lessons.  With Evernote, I can add a note with my iPhone, pull it up to add to on my computer, and then review it later while reading on my Kindle.  I even use it for all kinds of non-tennis related notes (recipes anyone?).  It allows you to tag notes, search within their text, add items from the Web and even scan documents that can be converted to notes.  Amazing.

All of these apps are available for both the iPhone and for Android devices.

Well, that’s my collection of fav non-tennis apps that help my tennis game.  Do you have favorite apps that you think everyone should be using?  Let me know in the comments below.

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