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Best Mud Flaps for F150

By Kencoul

The Ford F150, among other things, is a dependable workhorse. With the right amount of care and maintenance, it'll keep piling on the miles and as you cover the distances, you're more likely to expose your truck to potential damages from road elements such as rocks, mud, tar, and many more. One of the easiest ways to protect your truck's undercarriage from the flying pebbles and tar pieces is by installing mud flaps. But what kind of F150 mud flaps should you go for to give your truck an extra layer of protection? Our guide will take you through what we believe are some of the best mud flaps for F150.

Husky Liners 58456 Black Custom Mud Guards Front and Rear Mud Guard Set Fits 2015-19 Ford F-150-with OEM Fender Flares, 4 Pack

WeatherTech 110002-120002 Mud Flaps For 2004-2008 Ford F-150 no Running Boards or Fender Flares

Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2019 Compatible with Ford F-150 Front Rear 4pc Set (for Trucks Without Fender Flares)

Plasticolor Ford Blue Oval Easy Fit Mud Guard - Set of 2

OEDRO Upgraded Front Rear Mud Flaps Compatible with 2015-2020 Ford F150 F-150 HD (NOT for Models with OEM Fender Flares), Full Set 4pc Splash Mud Guards

Compatible with fender flare models

It comes as a surprise to many F150 owners that their truck doesn't come with mud flaps as standard. Nevertheless, the world of aftermarket solutions has plenty of options for mud flaps and this particular product by Husky Liners is the best. The mud flaps are made from highly durable thermoplastic which offers all-weather protection. Beyond their durability, these mud flaps are also well-shaped to fit behind the wheel well once installed.

Well-built with sturdy construction

According to Husky Liners, the thermoplastic material is impact resistant and holds up well when it comes to impacts from loose stones and tar pieces flying off the tarmac and trying to hit the paint. There's also something called the Husky Shield which is not that difficult to install and when fitted, it offers an invincible protective layer between the mud flap and the paint. In terms of compatibility, this product will fit F150 King Ranch model (2015-2020), F150 Lariat (2015-2020), F150 Limited (2016-2020), F150 Platinum (2015-2020), F150 SSV (2016-2018), F150 XL (2015-2020) and the F150 XLT (2015-2020). Also, what's worth noting is that all these models listed are with Ford OEM fender flares.

This model from Husky Liners offers the perfect fit to give that stock OEM look to your F150. More importantly, the material itself is really solid and durable enough to protect your truck from the corrosive elements. All in all, there is no drilling required when installing these; however, they aren't the easiest to install if we go by reviews of F150 owners who have bought these.

  • Perfect fit for that OEM look
  • Durable

Another set of quality pre-drilled F150 mud flaps comes from WeatherTech. The company is known for its exterior and interior protection products and these mud flaps will fit perfectly in your F150 because they're laser measured. Designed specifically for a single model range, the mud flaps here are made of thermoplastic resin for strong protection against the elements.

Heavy-duty stuff with patented fastening system

No delicate plastic here! These mud flaps are made of strong, heavy-duty polymer in order to take on whatever the terrain throws at them. As per WeatherTech, the mud flaps also feature the company's patented hardened stainless steel fastening system for a sturdy fit and improved protection for your truck's most exposed areas. In fact, the brand claims that these flaps not only protect the fender but also the rocker panel of your F150. As for compatibility, WeatherTech's mud flaps will fit if you drive an F150 made between 2004-2008, but send the seller a message to confirm. These will not fit vehicles fitted with factory plastic running boards, fender flares or lip molding. These mud flaps will also not fit any of the Raptor models.

WeatherTech's F150 mud flaps are much easier to install and are known to hold up well for years in varied weather conditions. If you are someone who doesn't want to add a bunch of accessories to personalize your truck but is looking to enhance its appeal and protect its underside from the road debris, these are a pretty good buy.

On paper, Red Hound Auto's mud flaps for the F150 are just as durable and solid. They're made of all-weather grade thermoplastic which can stand up to the rough stuff. However, what sets these apart are its appearance and the textures used. The more curvaceous silhouette and the reflective strips give it a more premium look than all the other products listed here. The full set includes front and rear mud flaps with mounting hardware and instructions.

Sleek yet efficient design

Red Hound Auto's mud flaps for the F150 have a textured finish and a sleek design that not only looks good but also offers a pretty impressive fit, providing maximum tire coverage and protection. After all, these mud flaps have been designed to have a molded OEM look for that stock appearance. Speaking of stock, Red Hound Auto claims that their guards are compatible with the 2015-2018 Ford F150. We would recommend getting in touch with the seller directly to ensure a perfect fit for your specific model year F150.

For the price they're at, these mud flaps from Red Hound Auto offer great value. The package includes all the required hardware and although some amount of drilling is required during installation, the process is fairly easy. According to many users of this product, the hardware also includes metal clips that aren't really required because the bolts which secure the flaps to the fenders are sturdy enough for a tight fit.

This particular mud guard from Plasticolor is different from the other options that we've seen so far. While it's not exactly rigid plastic, it claims to be just as tough and resistant against the corrosive materials thrown by the tarmac. According to the brand, these mud flaps use "patented, fiberglass backing that keeps it from cracking, splitting". Interestingly enough, the material has some sort of memory ability built-in which helps the mud flaps keep their shape.

Durable even at low temperatures

There are solid mud flaps then there are high-quality mud flaps that can withstand extreme changes in temperatures. Plasticolor's Ford Blue Oval Easy Fit guard is among the latter since the relatively flexible fiberglass material is highly resistant to cold weather conditions. These aren't as brittle as some of the other options when it gets freezing cold, thanks to the less rigid material. In terms of fitment, these mud flaps are universal and would fit almost all model years of the F150 without much trouble, but check with the seller just to make sure.

We would recommend this immediately to users who drive in cold regions most of the time simply because of the extra bit of durability that these mud flaps provide at low temperatures. The slightly flexible materials are great at handling freezing driving conditions and the fitment is pretty OEM, too.

  • Cold weather performance
  • Universal fit

Last but not least, OEDRO's Upgraded Mud Flaps Guards for the F150 are made from all-weather rubber plastic with decent quality. These aren't easily cracked or even bent out of shape which is great if you take your truck off-road more often than not. These mud flaps are highly durable and do a great job of protecting your truck from the flying debris. However, one common issue that almost every user has pointed out is the 'picture-only' instructions which come bundled with the package. The instructions lack any form of written description and the small diagrams make the whole installation process unnecessarily difficult.

If you're looking for mud flaps with maximum width to protect your entire tire and the inner wheel arches then look no further. These mud flaps from OEDRO offer full tread coverage for maximum protection and the whole package includes a pair of front and rear full-width guards with mounting hardware and spare screws. As for installation, you don't need to drill anywhere. These mud flaps are compatible with F150 models made between 2015 and 2020 but again, these will only fit on vehicles without OEM fender flares.

A higher price isn't always a sign of high quality. These aren't the most expensive mud flaps you can get for your F150, but the quality is genuinely great. The plastic material is as durable as some of the expensive stuff whereas the fitment and coverage area is even better. The package also has metal brackets to reinforce the strength of the rear mud flaps from folding under stress. All in all, OEDRO's mud flaps go on pretty easily and once fitted, they have proved to be sturdy for years.

What are the best mud flaps for F150?

Now that you have looked at all of our recommendations for the best mud flaps for your F150, it's time to make things easier. Simply put, if you want something that's sturdy, looks OEM, and is reasonably priced, it's got to be Husky Liners with OEM Fender Flares Custom Front and Rear Mud Guard Set . What really sets these apart is that these are compatible even if your truck has OEM fender flares installed. Next up, it's WeatherTech 110002-120002 Mud Flaps that are also a great buy if you are looking for sturdy construction and long life. However, if the appearance of your truck matters more than anything to you then Red Hound Auto has got you covered with their stylish looking Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps. Now although Plasticolor's Ford Blue Oval Easy Fit Mud Guard is not exactly rigid plastic, it's just as tough and resistant towards the harsh substances thrown by the tarmac. Lastly, if you're willing to sacrifice a bit of style for maximum protection then it makes sense to go with OEDRO's Upgraded Front Rear Mud Flaps since the flaps offer full-width protection from the debris.

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