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Best Mobile Games For Kids Under 10 Years

Posted on the 11 October 2017 by Dreamtechie

Mobile has lately taken a great part of our lifetime; don't you think so? Now we have technology updates and smartphone launches every other week. And then there are kids who have a special power of understanding technology in a snap of your fingers.

However, there are a number of games coming up, children should only be playing games that are particularly for them. So, below we provide you a list of best mobile games for kids under 10 years.

List of best mobile games for kids under 10 years -

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a game by Halfbrick. The game consists of slicing the fruits thrown at you by swiping on the screen as if you are slicing them in two, the twist is you have to prevent slicing the bombs thrown at you and slice the fruits before they fall down.

Angry birds

This game by Rovio has been very popular among kids. The game includes a fight between green colored pigs and some multi-colored birds, who try to save their eggs being stolen by the pigs. In the game, you have to catapult the birds and eliminate the pigs. The fewer chances you take the higher is your score.

Talking tom

It basically is a game that consists of a cat who repeats whatever you say in his funny voice created by Outfit7. The app now allows you to play mini-games, and customize the rooms, clothes, and face of tom.

Temple run

The game is developed by Imangi Studios. It is a never-ending game where you are an explorer who is being chased by some mystical creatures and your job is to help him to avoid the obstacles in the path and not get caught or fall off the path.

Cut the rope
Best Mobile Games For Kids Under 10 Years

The game is developed by Zeptolab. In the game, you have to feed Om Nom the frog with a candy. The twist is that you must get the candy to Om Nom through a path of the obstacle by cutting the rope it is tied to and making use of the various articles on the screen.

Candy crush
Best Mobile Games For Kids Under 10 Years

The game was released by the king. The game is a three to match game. In the game, you have to basically match three or more one of a kind candy and complete the objective in the given time period or moves.

Clash of clans

It is a strategic planning game brought by supercell. In the game, you have to build your own village and prevent it from enemy attacks with the help of defenses. And attack other villages to gain loot.

Subway surfer

The game is co-developed by Killoo and SYBO games.In the game, you play a parkour runner who is being chased down by a cop and his dog for drawing graffiti on a train. In the game, you must prevent yourself from getting hit by trains or the obstacles. It is a never-ending run, the more you run the higher is your score.

Now, this was a complete list of the games that will not make your kids gain knowledge that they should not be, rather they will have fun and create alertness. You may also enjoy reading -

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